Brand Creation Guidelines

Brand Creation Guidelines

Creating your own brand on Noon Marketplace opens a world of opportunities for sellers. This guide outlines key steps and guidelines to successfully list and get your brand approved, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Preventing Duplicate Brand Creation

Before creating a new brand on Seller Lab, check the Brand Management section to avoid duplicates. If the brand exists, proceed to product listing. Otherwise, follow the Brand Creation requirements

Brand Creation Requirements

Creating a brand on noon is a simple process. You can go through the step-by-step process for brand creation by referring to this article.

It is very important to understand and make sure that the correct information is provided while creating the brand in order avoid the brand rejection. 

1. Brand name in English

  • Make sure you fill the brand name with the correct casing and formatting, exactly the way its mentioned on the official brand website.
  • Check it thoroughly for the spelling errors or inconsistencies before submitting

2. Brand name in Arabic.

  • Transliterate the brand name in the Arabic Language. 
  • Make sure the spelling is correct, as wrong spelling can lead to rejection of the brand.

3. Brand Website Link

  • Provide the link to the official brand website to validate the brand.
  • If you do not have an official brand website, submit an alternate link showing the brand's official online presence. For example, social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

4. Image URL for the Brand

  • Use JPEG images converted to URL links.
  • Submit the URL link with a clear photo of the product showcasing the brand logo. For Example: If you are selling a T-shirt, the image URL should show a photo of a T-shirt showing the logo of the brand on the T-shirt.

Brand Approval Guidelines

The Brand Approval is a very critical step in brand creation. noon makes sure to have a thorough check of all the details submitted by the sellers to make sure it is adhering the guidelines set by noon. 

The below table gives a clarity on all the guidelines and tips and tricks to avoid the rejection of the brand.


How to adhere to the Guidelines

Formatting Consistency: The format of the brand name should be consistent and match exactly to the format provided in the brand website link.

- Inconsistencies in Brand Casing:

Make sure to follow the exact casing as shown on the brand website.

Example: If brand website is showing SUNTOP and you provided the brand name SunTop, this will be rejected.

- Spacing Adherence: 

Make sure that the spacing in the brand name is also copied as it is.

Example: If the brand shows SPACESHOW and you gave the brand name as SPACE SHOW, this will lead to rejection.

- Using Hyphens: 

Using hyphens between the brand name should also be carefully included.

Example: The brand name is HI-TECH and you updated the name as HITECH. This will lead to rejection.

Spelling accuracy: The spelling of the brand name you provide should be correct without any spelling errors, similar to what is shown on the brand website.

The spelling of the brand on the website should exactly match the spelling you are providing for brand approval.

Example: If the brand name is SNOOZE and you provided the spelling as SNUZE, this will lead to rejection.

Correct Transliteration: The transliteration provided in English or Arabic language should be same and accurate.

The brand name should be correctly transliterated. Example: The brand name in English is ICONIC and the translation in Arabic shows "مبدع" but the literal translation of the brand is "إكنك". This inconsistency also will lead to rejection.

Accurate data in Arabic field: The Arabic field should be filled with correct literal translation which is a valid value.

- N/A in Arabic field

Avoid using NA or N/A in the Brand name (in Arabic) field. Provide the valid brand name in Arabic Language.

- Repetition on English name in Arabic field

Avoid giving the same English brand name in Arabic brand field name.

Both of these reason would lead to brand rejection.

Avoid Product Name in Brand Name: Make sure to provide the exact brand name as mentioned on the brand website.

You should provide the correct brand name only. The brand name should not have any product name.

Example: The brand name is Dyson and you are giving the brand name as Dyson Hairdryer. This will lead to rejection of the brand.

Insufficient Verification Links: The should be a consistency in the brand name you provided and the brand name available in the verification links.

-Insufficient verification links

The verification links provided for brand request should have all the sufficient information needed for approval.

- Brand name missing on Product Image/  Packaging

The image submitted for brand request should show the brand name/logo clearly.

- Consistency in the Brand Name across all verification links

The brand website link and the product image URL link should display the same Brand name.

Brand Associated with Competing platforms: Brand request raised for brands which are associated with competing website will be rejected.

Avoid submitting brand request which are linked or owned by the competing platforms.

Service-Oriented or Service Providing Brands: The brand which only provide service and do not have a tangible product to offer will be rejected.

Avoid raising brand request for the Service Oriented brands, where the brand is not having a physical product but just a service to offer. 

Example: Urban Clap


That’s it!


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