Check the comment on the Brand Management page why your request was rejected. It will most likely be due to the need for more verification links. Simply submit a new request for the same brand name (make sure you're using the exact same name) with additional links.

 My brand got rejected, but I already have Seller SKUs created against it? 

If the request was rejected with the comment that you need to submit more verification links, simply resubmit the request.

However, if we completely rejected your request, you can find the Seller SKUs that you already created and change their brand from the Seller Lab directly. Simply click on 'Change Brand' button next to your brand name under the completeness bar. Click 'Save Change' for the changes to start reflecting. Also keep in mind that changing the brand name will trigger another round of content checks by our team, and if the new brand doesn't match the content, your Seller SKU will be taken offline. 





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