Consolidated Item Level Fees Report

Consolidated Item Level Fees Report

The Consolidated Item Level Fees Report provides a detailed overview of each item sold on noon in a selected date range. This report include only those item numbers for which at least one statement is already generated. This report includes information such as

- Product details information such as product title, brand etc.

- Status of the item whether delivered or in transit.

- Important timestamps such as delivery date, return date etc.

- Fees and charges levied on the sales.

- Reference number such as statement number, invoice number or credit note to easily track down the sales details.

Note: The Consolidated Item Level Fees Report is only applicable to items
available and sold on the noon marketplace. It does not include payment
details for orders from other noon subsidiaries, such as Sivvi, Noon Grocery,etc.

How to access the Consolidated Item Level Fees Report?

To access this report, follow these simple steps:

- Click on Navigation Menu button and select Reports from the pop-up. Next, click on Custom Reports.

- Click on the Generate Report button on the top-right corner of the screen.

- From the drop-down menu, choose the Consolidated Item Level Fees Report  and select desired date range for the report. Finally, click on Generate Report to download it.

Understanding the Consolidated Item Level Fees Report


This section helps you identify the products that were sold. It provides item numbers that serve as reference numbers across all your reports, making it easier to track individual items.

Note: The certain fields, such as Airway bill number (AWB) and SKU, might not have data
when the order status is "shipped". However, once the order is delivered, and
statements are generated, all relevant data will be visible.
id_partnerA unique identifier (numerical number) that differentiates one seller from the other. 
marketplaceBusiness platform under which the item was sold (noon marketplace)
order_nrThe unique identifier you can use to link a sale (common for all items involved in a single payment transaction) across reports
item_nrThe unique item level identification number you can use to link a sale for any item across reports
partner_sales_nrThe purchase order number linked to a particular item_nr
awb_nrShipment reference number you can use to link packages that were created against any particular order fulfillment
SKUThe SKU identification number of noon you sold the item against
partner_skuThe unique SKU identifier number you have uploaded in the seller lab


Sale Information

Here, you'll find essential details about your sales, including the current item status, sales promise service level, and timestamps for each transaction.

fulfillment_modeWhether the customer order was fulfilled by noon (FBN) or fulfilled by partner (FBP)
familynoon defined product family the sold SKU falls under
product_typenoon defined product type the sold SKU falls under
brand_enThe brand name of the sold SKU, in English
product_title_enThe title of the sold SKU in English, as defined by the seller
brand_arThe brand name of the sold SKU, in Arabic. If Arabic content is missing, English content will appear by default.
product_title_arThe title of the sold SKU in Arabic, as defined by the seller. If Arabic content is missing, English content will appear by default.
item_statusThe current status of the sold item. 
country_codeThe country where the item was sold. UAE is coded as AE, KSA is coded as SA and Egypt is coded as EG
last_statement_dateThe last date within the selected date range (for which the report was generated), when a statement was generated 
order_dateThe date when the order was placed successfully
shipped_dateThe date when a shipment was prepared and made ready for despatch
delivered_dateThe date of delivery to the customer. 
returned_dateThe date for return to noon's/ seller warehouse
currency_codeThe sale currency. You will receive a separate statement denominated in UAE dirham or Saudi Riyal depending on the sale country 

Item Prices and Promotions

These columns provides visibility into any adjustments made due to promotions, markups or taxation. The fields named seller promo, noon markup and promo coupon are funded by noon and will be credited back to the seller as fee noon promo.

seller_priceThe item price value updated by the seller in the seller labNo calculation
seller_promoAny applicable promotion applied by you as a sale priceNo calculation
base_priceSeller price adjusted for promotional costs borne by the seller with prior agreement between seller and noonseller price minus seller promo
promo_dealAny applicable promotion applied by noon No calculation
noon_markupAny price difference applied on an item fulfilled by an alternate partner other than the original seller on whom the order was placedOffer price of the alternate seller minus the offer price of the original seller 
offer_priceThe price of the item on after all applicable promotionsBase price plus noon markup and promo deal
promo_couponAny coupon or promotion applied by the customerNo calculation
invoice_priceThe item value invoiced to the customer. The invoice price is inclusive of VAT.Offer price minus promo coupon

Fees and charges.

These columns gives you a complete overview of all the fees and deductions noon charges for each sale made on noon.

Note: The Direct Ship Outbound fees and FBN Outbound fees are charged immediately
when the item is shipped. However, all other fees will be charged upon successful
delivery of the order.
fee_noon_promoReimbursement of marketing / promotional activity sponsored by noon
fee_noon_markupAny price adjustment done on the item price due to alternate fulfillment
fee_referralnoon's commission on the sale. See noon service annexes for KSA and UAE
fee_outbound_fbn_oldOrder fulfillment fee charged for items shipped from FBN (fulfillment by Noon) warehouses before 1st Jul'22
fee_outbound_fbn_v2Order fulfillment fee charged for items shipped from FBN (fulfillment by Noon) warehouses from 1st Jul'22
fee_weight_handlingAdditional fulfillment fee charged on an oversize (non-sort and non-bulky) item over and above old FBN outbound fee.
fee_crossdockFulfillment fee charged on the X-dock items before 1st Nov'22
fee_outbound_direct_oldLogistics fee charged on items shipped from FBP (Fulfilled by Partner) warehouses under Directship fulfillment mode till 31st Dec'22
fee_directship_outboundLogistics fee charged on items shipped from FBP (Fulfilled by Partner) warehouses from 1st Jan'23
fee_shippingReimbursement of shipping fees collected from the customers on FBP delivered items
fee_damaged_returnCompensation paid against any damages on a returned item
fee_noon_penaltyCompensation paid to the sellers on breach of sales promise
fee_item_cancellationAn item level penalty charged on the seller initiated order cancellation such as out-of-stock.
fee_warranty_penaltyAn item level penalty charged against unfulfilled warranty claim of a customer
fee_retention_penaltyAn item level penalty charged to recover any compensation we had paid to the customer against their grievances where the seller is at fault
fee_alternate_seller_fulfillmentAn item level penalty applied on the original seller who missed to fulfill an order and the order was fulfilled by another seller
fee_miscellaneousAny other kind of penalty levied on a seller
fee_direct_collectionAdjustment of payment against COD (Cash on delivery) amount collected from the customer
fee_reinvoicingAdjustment against any invoicing anomalies
total_paymentFinal eligible payment against a sale
statement_nrA comma separated list of statement numbers linked to the item
invoice_nrThe customer invoice reference for VAT purposes
creditnote_nrThe customer return invoice reference for VAT purposes


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