Directship Customer Returns Process

Directship Customer Returns Process

The Fulfilled by Partner (FBP) Returns Policy is designed to guide sellers through managing customer returns effectively. This policy ensures that each step, from the customer initiating a return to its final resolution, is handled smoothly, aligning with Noon's high standards of service and integrity.

DirectShip customer return process:

  1. Access the Return Dashboard: Use the Return Dashboard on Noon to monitor and review return requests initiated by customers. You can access this by selecting 'Fulfilled by Partner' and then 'Customer Returns' in the navigation bar.

  2. Understand Return Statuses: Familiarize yourself with different return statuses such as 'Pickup Authorized', 'Pending Action', 'Completed', 'Resolved', and 'Closed', to effectively manage returns.

  3. Communicate with Customers: Utilize the Seller Buyer Messaging Service to directly communicate with customers about their return requests. This helps in understanding their issues and providing appropriate solutions.

  4. Return-less Refund: Decide whether to issue a full or partial refund. A return-less refund can be issued before receiving the returned item. This is done via the Customer Return Dashboard. Remember to obtain customer consent for partial refunds through the messaging service.

  5. Direct Returns Process: If no action is taken on a return within the first 48 hours of its creation, Noon authorizes and schedules the pickup of the item, which will be delivered directly to you, bypassing the Noon warehouse.
  6. Receive and Inspect Returned Products: Once you receive the returned product, inspect it thoroughly to confirm it matches the reason for return stated by the customer.
  7. Issue Refunds: After verifying the product's condition, proceed to issue a refund to the customer.
  8. Handle Disputes: If you have issues with a returned item, you can raise a dispute within 7 days of refunding the customer. This is done through the Customer Return Dashboard by providing necessary details for your claim.

Tools available to help managing customer returns

A-Return Dashboard

The Return Dashboard provides you with complete access to monitor and review return requests initiated by the customers. 

  • The Customer Returns summary page includes the following action buttons that enable you to take various actions:

  • Issue Refund: allows you to approve the return request and process either a full or partial refund for the customer.
  • Request Early Pickup: enables you to request an early pickup of the item from the customer's address (available for sellers who opt for the seller-customer messaging service).
  • Contact Customer: allows you to communicate with the customer regarding the return request.
  • View Details: provides additional information about the return request, such as customer images, Customer Responses to pre-pick up quality check questions, and customer comments.

You can access the return dashboard by following these simple steps:
  • - Click on Fulfilled by Partner in the navigation bar and then click on Customer Returns. You will be redirected to the Customer Returns Dashboard as shown in the screenshot.

The Return Dashboard also offers a status filter, which categorizes returns based on their current status. The table below explains each status:

B- Seller Buyer Messaging Service

Seller Buyer Messaging Service is a messaging service that allows sellers to communicate directly with customers regarding their return requests through Seller Lab.
  • The Seller Buyer Messaging Service allows you to:

-Offer technical support for product function-related returns, reducing return rates.

-Collect extra details from customers to better comprehend their return requests.

-Communicate and offer full or partial refunds without the need for the physical return, building trust and enhancing marketplace reputation.

Note: For more details on the guidelines and important templates for contacting customers please click here.

C- Return-less Refund

This feature will allow you to reimburse customers without requiring them to return the item.

Return-less refund can be accessed through the return dashboard in the seller lab.

Sellers have 48 hours upon receiving a return request to issue the Returnless Refund before item pickup.

  •  The benefits are:

-Time saving

-increase loyalty and customer satisfaction

  • Types of the Return-less Refund:

-Full refund

-Partial refund: this requires a consent from the customer through the messaging service


1. Before initiating a partial refund, you need to obtain consent from the customer through the messaging option.

2. The amount refunded previously for the same order will be visible in the prior refund section if you initiate a partial refund.

For more details on how to issue partial and full refunds please click here

Return request statuses


Pickup Authorized
The pickup of the product is authorized by noon as no action is taken from your side in the first 48 hours of return creation.
Pending Action
The return is pending action from your side.
The return is successfully refunded and the issue is completed.
The customer was offered a return-less partial refund and the issue is resolved. However, the customer can raise a new return request again if he wish to dispute the solution offered by you. 
The return was raised by the customer but then he canceled the request as the customer didn't want to return the item.

Important guidelines and timeframes for processing returns


Time to Complete

Implications of delation actions within the specified timeframe

Respond to the customer

24 hours

After receiving a reply from the customer you are expected to reply within 24 hours. Failure to respond in time may result in the disabling of the option to contact customers for your seller account

Contact Customer

Within 48 hours of receiving the return request

It is important to contact the customer within 48 hours. If you choose not to contact the customer, please request a pickup. noon will monitor your utilization of the "Contact Customer" option. Failure to use it and request a pickup may result in the disabling of the option to contact customers for your seller account

Issue a Returnless Refund 

Within 48 hours of receiving the return request

Once you receive the return request, you have 48 hours to issue a full or a partial refund to the customer and let them keep the item. Failure to do so will result in noon picking up the and bring it back to you.

Raise a Dispute

Within 7 days of receiving the item.

If you fail to raise a dispute within 7 days, you will not be eligible for reimbursement from noon

 How to create a dispute

To summarize the process for handling disputes on customer returns via Noon's Customer Return Dashboard:
  1. Locate the Return ID by scanning the QR code or manually entering the AWB in the search bar, and then view its details.
  2. If the return is marked as 'completed,' use the 'File a New Claim' option.
  3. Fill in the dispute details in the pop-up form and submit the claim.
  4. Noon's team will review the dispute, and you'll receive updates via email.

Note: For more details on the dispute policy and reimbursements please click here.

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