DirectShip Features

DirectShip Features

DirectShip sellers now have access to advanced tools for improved order management and tracking. This guide highlights features that enhance visibility and efficiency in the fulfillment process.

Benefits of the New Features

  • These enhancements allow sellers to:

    • Track orders from reception to delivery.

    • Access all order information in a unified place.

Accessing DirectShip Features

  • To utilize these features, sellers should:

    • Click on the ‘Fulfilled by partner’ tab in the Seller Lab and then click on ‘DirectShip picklist’.

    • You can view orders or items under 3 statuses as pending, completed, and lost.

Searching and Extracting DirectShip Reports

  • To obtain detailed reports: 

  1. Use the search function in Seller Lab by order number, item number, or PSKU.

  2. Filter data by date range and shipment/order status.

  3. Export data in formats like Excel for further analysis.

Understanding the DirectShip Dashboard

  • The Dashboard includes various tabs:

o   Pending Tab: Displays orders in two views – order and item, indicating the status of orders yet to be processed. Under this tab there will be 4 statuses as below:

A.    Pending: the orders received but the job has not started yet.

B.    In progress: Initiated and partially completed orders. The item can be marked as out of stock.

C.    Shipment generated: the job has been completed and the AWBs are scanned (the shipment has been created by the user). The item can be marked as Mark as Lost or Reprint airway bill.

D.   Manifest generated: All shipments scanned and manifest is created prior to handing over it to noon Driver Associate.

o   Completed Tab: Shows orders that have been processed and it includes 3 statuses as below:

A.    Shipped: This status is assigned to all shipments included in the manifest and delivered to Noon's Delivery Associate (DA). It also encompasses shipments transferred to logistics by the DA.

B.    Delivered: This status indicates that the order has been successfully delivered to the customer by the Delivery Associate (DA)

C.    Undelivered (NDR): This status is applied when the customer is unavailable at the time of delivery, leading to the order's return to the logistics hub. After three delivery attempts, if still undeliverable, the order is marked as such and returned to the seller.

o   Lost Tab: Lists orders that are lost at different stages, you can view 3 statuses under this tab as below:

A.    Shipment Lost: any item lost but not part of manifest and marked lost by the user.

B.    Manifest Lost: any shipment lost by user or DA after the manifest is created or closed.

C.    Logistics Lost: any shipment that has been delivered to noon Logistics and has been marked as lost by us

Each tab offers functionalities like expanding order details, viewing shipment numbers, and understanding the specific status of each item in an order.

That’s it!

Got questions?

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Delivered: This status indicates that the order has been successfully delivered to the customer by the Delivery Associate (DA)

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