DirectShip Seller Performance Management

DirectShip Seller Performance Management

Noon's Seller Performance Management system sets performance standards for partners using the DirectShip model. This system ensures service consistency and quality for customers. The criteria for measuring operational performance include Cancellation Rate and Late Shipment Rate, with specific expectations and consequences for non-compliance.

1- Performance Criteria

Noon has established specific performance standards for partners using the DirectShip model. These standards are essential to maintain the consistency and quality of service offered to customers. The criteria described below are utilized to evaluate the operational performance of partners.

  • Cancellation Rate:

  • The Cancellation Rate is calculated as a percentage of orders rejected by sellers or marked as 'lost' before handover to Noon, against the total orders with an Estimated Shipping Date (ESD) in a 7-day period.

  • Sellers are expected to keep their Cancellation Rate under 2.5% within any given 7-day period. 

  • This rate can be monitored under the ‘Account Health & Performance’ tab in the seller's account.

  • Late Shipment Rate:

  • The Late Shipment Rate is determined by orders handed over after the ESD (ESD = Order Date + PT + noon pick-up time), calculated as a percentage of total shipped orders in a 7-day period.

  • For sellers on Drop-off mode, the ESD equals the Order Date plus Processing Time (PT).

  • Maintaining a Late Shipment Rate below 3% is required

  • Sellers can track their Late Shipment Rate on the ‘Account Health & Performance’ tab.

2- Penal Actions

Failure to meet the below standards will result in penalties including stock pulldown, offer deactivation, and even store suspension or termination.

  • Cancellation Rate under 2.5% 

  • Late Shipment Rate below 3% 

3- Remedial Measures:

  • Sellers will receive email notifications regarding any penal actions taken against their store.

  • To restore account standing, sellers must submit a Plan of Action (PoA) to This plan should include a self-assessment identifying the causes of high Cancellation Rates or late order processing, and a detailed plan to correct and prevent future occurrences.

  • Transparency and detail in the self-assessment and action plan are crucial for successful account restoration.

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