DirectShip Volumetric Measurement Dispute Policy

DirectShip Volumetric Measurement Dispute Policy

The DirectShip Volumetric Measurement Dispute Policy outlines the process for addressing errors in shipment measurements recorded by noon.
In case there are errors in the measurements that were recorded by noon, you can directly request a revision of your shipment's measurement by sending an email to

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Accessing the DirectShip Fee Report

To view the DirectShip Fee report:

Navigate to "Payment and Fees" in Seller Lab.

Select the "Statement & Invoices" tab.

Choose "DirectShip Outbound Fees" to export report details.

Note: These details are separate from consolidated reports and can be downloaded from the statements section.

Raising a Measurement Revision Request

If discrepancies in shipment measurements are noted, a dispute can be raised within 14 days of statement generation by emailing with the following details:

-Shipment AWB

-Expected dimensions (length, width and height) and weight of the shipment (in cm and kg)

Important Points:
1. You can only raise a dispute for a shipment's DirectShip Fees within 14 days of the statement generation date. 
2. Only one dispute per shipment will be accepted.
3. The decision for all dispute will be final and any further investigation request for the same shipment will not be entertained.

Required Proof for Dispute

When submitting a dispute, include image URLs as proof, showcasing measurements with and without noon packaging. This should include length, width, height, and weight of the item(s), both individually and within the packaging. It is advisable to submit details in an Excel file format.

Below is the list of images that need to be shared along with an example:

What should be shown in the image


Measurement of the item’s length without the noon packaging

Measurement of the item’s width without the noon packaging

Measurement of the item’s height without the noon packaging

Measurement of the item’s weight without the noon packaging

Measurement of the item(s) length inside the noon packaging 

Measurement of the item(s) width inside the noon packaging 

Measurement of the item(s) height inside the noon packaging 

Measurement of the item(s) weight inside the noon packaging. The picture should display an open package on the scale, and all items inside it must be visible.

It is recommended to submit all these requirements in the form of an excel file as shown in the screenshot below: 

Note: In case the disputed shipment consists of multiple items, the seller should share images of the products bundled as a shipment both with and without the noon packaging.

Dispute Resolution Process

  • If valid, the DirectShip fee is adjusted in the next statement.

  • If rejected, reasons will be communicated via email.

Note: Resolution may take up to two weeks.

Common Reasons for Dispute Rejection

Measurements within a 5% tolerance of noon’s dimensions.
Disputes raised after the 14-day window.
Multiple disputes for the same shipment.

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