E-invoicing services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”)

E-invoicing services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”)

This E-invoicing services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia annex incorporates and is governed by the Seller Terms and Conditions and forms and essential part thereof. 

noon now offers its KSA sellers to opt in to Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) e-invoicing through noon. Starting 27 December 2023, for sellers who choose to opt in to this service, noon will be submitting their invoices to ZATCA. 

For the purposes of submitting the e-invoices to ZATCA, noon will consider the VAT rate that the seller has provided at the time of listing the products on www.noon.com. If the seller has not provided any VAT rate, the standard VAT rate in accordance with the tax legislations in KSA shall be applicable. 

If the seller operates more than 1 seller account connected to either same VAT TRN or multiple VAT TRNs, the seller at its/his/her discretion, shall update each account with opt-in to use noon offered support on e-invoicing solutions across all the seller accounts.  The e-invoicing solution offered shall only support the sales made via noon and its affiliates platform and the relevant seller accounts selected.  

It is strongly advised for the sellers to update or validate any information relating to VAT against the SKUs listed on noon Seller Lab on or before December 27, 2023, noon recommends doing that before opting in for e-invoicing services. If the seller believes that the products listed on www.noon.com are exempt from VAT, sellers shall define the category of tax exemption on the Seller Lab. 


Seller shall be solely responsible for any liability that arises out of or in relation to its failure to comply with tax laws and regulations in KSA.


For more details on how to opt in and how to update the VAT rate, click here.


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