Essential Guidelines For Direct Delivery Selling Model

Essential Guidelines For Direct Delivery Selling Model

The Direct Delivery Selling Model is a key component of our commitment to maintaining high service and business integrity standards. This model, designed for items requiring direct installation from the seller, it is crucial for sellers to follow the guidelines to ensure seamless transactions and customer satisfaction.

Guidelines For Direct Delivery Selling Model

1. Stock Management

·         Sellers are required to accurately update their stock levels in Seller Lab to meet the promised delivery dates for customer orders.

2. Order Rejection and Delivery Attempts

·         Prompt rejection of orders is needed when stocks are unavailable, with high rejection rates potentially leading to penalties or store suspension.

·         A minimum of three delivery attempts should be made for each shipment, marking the shipment as ‘undeliverable’ in the Direct Delivery mini-app if all attempts fail.

3. Returns, Refunds, and Additional Payment Collection

·         Sellers are responsible for collecting back any incorrect, defective, or damaged items within 3-5 working days.

·         Delays must be communicated to Noon and the customer.

·         Sellers cannot collect additional payments from customers; all fees should be included in the sales price.

4. Packing and Order Cancellation

·         Items must be securely packed, and fragile stickers used as needed.

·         Customers can cancel orders at any time, and such orders should be marked as ‘undeliverable’.

·         Sellers must not attempt delivery for orders marked for cancellation in the app or notified by Noon Seller Support.

5. Delivery Management 

·         Upon delivery, immediately mark orders as delivered in the app, including uploaded pictures of the item.

·         Images must confirm delivery to the correct customer, item condition, and match website description (model number, brand, etc.).

·         If images fail to verify these points and there's a customer complaint, the seller must either collect the item or process a refund through Noon.

·         Orders not marked as ‘delivered’ within 20 days will be automatically marked as ‘undeliverable’.

·         Verify shipment status in the app before delivery, and do not attempt delivery for shipments marked as canceled or blocked.

·         If a customer requests delivery rescheduling more than 20 days post-shipment creation:

·         Ask the customer to place a new order when ready for delivery.

·         Mark the original shipment as 'Undeliverable' in the app.

·         Noon exempts itself from payment responsibilities for orders marked 'Undeliverable' after 20 days since creation.

6. Shipment Status

·         Always verify shipment status in the Direct Delivery mini-app before delivery.

·         Invisible or Error Messages: Don't attempt delivery if the shipment isn't visible or shows an error in the app.

·         The two scenarios that would require you to not deliver the order to the customer:

·         Customer Cancellation:

§  If canceled by the customer, a note saying "The customer requested cancellation for this shipment" will appear.

§  Mark these orders as "undeliverable" and do not deliver.

§  Refunds to customers are automatically issued within 70 hours of cancellation.

§  "Marked as Delivered" button will be disabled as a non-delivery reminder.

·         Blocked Shipment:

§  Orders may be blocked due to payment issues.

§  A note saying "This shipment is not eligible for delivery" will appear for such orders.

§  Mark these as "undeliverable" and refrain from delivery.

§  "Marked as Delivered" button will be disabled as a non-delivery reminder.

7. Compensation and Policy Updates

·         Any compensation extended to the customer as a result of a negative experience caused by the seller, such as delaying orders, delivering the wrong item or a damaged item, will be invoiced to the seller.

·         Noon reserves the right to update these policy conditions periodically.




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