FAQs - Product Listing Ads (PLA)

FAQs - Product Listing Ads (PLA)

Product Listing Ads (PLA) is a tool that helps you boost your product visibility on search results, whenever a customer performs a search related to your products on noon. 

Find out more about how to use PLA here.

1. Where can I access the PLA tool?

You can easily set up your ad campaigns directly on Seller Lab here.

2. How does PLA work?

Simple! Follow the below easy steps to launch your ad campaign:

  1. Start a new ad campaign here, and set the campaign duration.
  2. Add from your catalog the products that you want to include in the campaign.
  3. Add the right keywords to describe your products. The keywords will be used to match your ads to words used by our customers while searching for products on noon.
  4. Update the daily advertising budget for your campaign (it can be as little as 50 AED/SAR/EGP), and set up your bid for each keyword, which is the maximum amount of your cost per click. Your chosen daily budget will be reactivated everyday throughout the duration of your campaign.

3. How can I get PLA activated on my Seller Lab?

PLA is currently available to sellers who satisfy specific eligibility criteria. You'll be contacted once you become eligible.

4. When will my ads be live?

Your ads will go live as soon as you launch your campaign. You can also set up campaigns that will take place in the future, and your ads will go live on your chosen campaign start date.

5. Can I add keywords for a campaign in bulk?

Yes, you can. Just enter a list of keywords that best describe your products. Ensure that your keywords are separated by commas while adding them in the keywords field. You can also choose from a list of recommended keywords that is provided to you.

6. What happens if I use a keyword that is irrelevant to my product by mistake?

noon screens campaigns to ensure that irrelevant keywords aren't used. Therefore, if a keyword that isn't related to products is used, your campaign will be paused. To reactivate the campaign, simply review your chosen keywords, and remove the irrelevant ones.

7. Where can I monitor the costs and performance of my ad campaigns?

A summary of your ads costs, revenue, and all key analytics is available on your Ad Lab dashboard.

8. How will I be charged for using PLA?

Whenever a customer clicks your product, you'll be charged a specific amount (bid) that you allocate to each keyword you choose to use in your ad campaign while setting up your campaign.

noon will deduct all charges incurred over a week from your weekly payment, and said charges will be part of your weekly payment statement, which you can access in the Payments tab.

9. When do I pay for a click on my product?

You'll pay your ads charges on a weekly basis as part of your payment statement. Your bids are exclusive of VAT, and the charges inclusive of VAT will appear in your weekly payment statement.

10. I have added 5 SKUs to my campaign and I won the bid but only 3 of my SKUs are showing. What is the reason behind this?

Whenever you create a campaign there are only 3 slots maximum available for each keyword. In case you add more than 3 SKUs to the campaign the top 3 bids will be selected at random and they will win the bid. And these keywords will be constant for the lifetime of the campaign. In case you want to add more SKUs we recommend you to create more campaigns.

11. Why isn't my ad showing when I search for it on noon using the keywords I chose?

There are several reasons why your ad may not be showing:

  • Bid value:  the ad that wins the ad slot is the one that has the highest bid. If another seller has bid higher than you, then their ad is the one that will win the slot.
  • Irrelevant keywords: noon periodically scans campaigns to ensure that the relevant keywords are used. If you have products that aren't related to your keywords, or vise versa, your campaign will be paused. To reactivate your campaign, simply delete the irrelevant product or keyword from the campaign.
  • Consumed daily budget: if your daily budget is consumed, the campaign will be paused until your daily budget automatically rests at midnight. 
  •  Consumed weekly wallet credit: if your live campaigns have consumed your wallet credit for a particular week, your campaigns will be paused, even if the daily budget is available. In this case, you’ll either have to wait till the following week for your wallet to be replenished, request more limit, or pay any pending dues to noon to resume using PLA.

12. What are recommended bids? Do I have to use them?

You'll be provided a list of recommended bids, which are based on the popularity of a particular keyword. These are simply recommendations based on historical data of the most used keywords by our customers, and you don't necessarily have to use them. You can bid higher or lower, according to what your advertising budget allows.

13. What's the Daily budget and how does it affect the campaigns?

Daily Budget is the maximum budget that the advertiser would like to spend. Once the daily budget is exhausted, advertiser campaigns will be paused and marked as “daily limit exhausted”. This budget is not the actual amount but just an approximated amount, as there will be many users searching for a keyword at the same time and hence there can be 10-15% buffer to the budget set by the seller.

14. The Ad manager screen is inaccessible. What should I do?

Try to launch the ad manager after disabling any ad blockers. If the issue still persists, please contact

15. I’m not being able to access PLA in my region.

Please ensure that the selected region is accurate. If the region icon is not visible, you can
manually change it in the URL. For UAE, use en-ae for English or ar-ae for Arabic. For KSA, use en-sa for English or ar-sa for Arabic.

16. My campaigns are showing the “Payment Failed” status? How can I fix this issue to resume my campaigns?

Campaigns shows a Payment Failed status only when your net balance is negative. To ensure your
campaigns run smoothly, always maintain a positive net balance. Make sure to check the Total Unpaid field in Payment & Fees section on Seller Lab and if it is negative please ensure to clear the unpaid dues.

17. My ads are either not displayed or displayed at the bottom slots of the platform. What should I do to improve my ad visibility?

This can happen in either or the 2 situations. 

- The product is not live or is Out of Stock.
- Other competing advertiser's ads are more relevant to the specific keyword or they are bidding more than you.

You can fix this by following these simple tips.

  • Make sure to add more relevant keywords to keep high relevance score.
  • Try to bid higher than usual if you have more relevant keyword.
  • If the issue still exists please contact our advertising support team on adsupport@noon.com.

18. How can I stop or edit my campaign?

To temporarily stop the campaign click on Pause in the action button and to permanently stop the campaign click on Archived in the action button.

To edit the campaign click on Edit in the campaign actions and then click on Save and Launch to bring the campaign live.

19. How can I stop/pause my campaign after the daily budget has been exhausted?

The campaign cannot be edited if the campaign is in daily budget exhausted state. The campaign can be edited only if the campaign is in live, paused or draft status. The solution for such campaign with budget exhaustion issue is to duplicate the campaign and increase the budget.

20. My campaign is overcharged. Will I get a refund?

If you are over charged between 10-15% more than the budget there will be no reimbursement as this condition is explicitly stated in the T&Cs. Hence you can expect to be charged up to 115% of the your budget on the basis of the search for your ad. 

For Example: You set a budget of 100 AED/SAR for the campaign with a bid per click of 1 AED. Consequently, the budget would be exhausted after 100 clicks. However, if there is a sudden surge in the search for your ad resulting in 130 clicks, Noon will charge you 115% of the budget price, amounting to 115 AED. The cost for the additional 15 clicks will be exempted.

21. What should be done if an error occurs while launching campaign/ adding products or keywords?

To better assist you with fixing the error make sure to send an email to our advertising support team on adsupport@noon.com with a screenshot or video of the issue attached.

22. I have created a campaign today, but I cannot see campaign performance data, how can I access it?

The campaign's performance will appear on the dashboard one day after its launch. For instance, if you create the campaign today, you can expect to see its performance on the dashboard by tomorrow.

23. How can I improve my campaign performance?

  • To achieve the best results in terms of ROAS, we recommend bidding up to 5% of the lowest Average Selling Price (ASP) product in the campaign. Exceeding this recommendation may not yield the optimal ROAS results.
  • Try creating campaigns with similar products types to fetch out the optimal result of the campaign.
  • Make sure the bid amount is in accordance to suggested range and overpricing the bid can reduce your ad reach. 
    For example: When you create a campaign with a budget of 100 AED and a bid per click of 1 AED, you will receive approximately 100 clicks. On the other hand, if you set the bid value to 0.10 AED, you can expect to receive around 1000 clicks, significantly expanding the visibility of your ad.
  • We recommend you to keep checking the Target Performance Report to check the top-performing keywords. This will give you a visibility of the underperforming keyword which can be excluded from the campaign.

24. How many products/targets can I add per campaign?

There is a limit of 20 SKUs, 50 keywords, and 30 categories per campaign.

25. How much should I bid for keywords?

When you add a keyword, you'll find a suggested bid range based on your personal evaluation and keyword importance. You can bid within or above this suggested range.

26. What should be done if my SKUs are not visible while creating my campaign?

 For the SKUs to be visible for selection it should be in stock and listed on noon.com platform. The SKUs listed on noon grocery/daily or noon minutes will not be available for advertising. If the SKUs satisfy this criteria it will be visible while creating campaign. If the SKUs are still not visible contact our ad support team on adsupport@noon.com.

27. What is negative keyword targeting?

The negative keyword targeting gives you the option to select keywords for which you don't want your ads to be displayed.

For Example: If you create a campaign using the keyword 'Samsung' in the phrase match option, your ad may be displayed for searches like 'Samsung case,' which could be irrelevant if you primarily deal with phones. To address this, you can select certain keywords as negative keywords target to ensure that your ads are only displayed for more relevant search terms.

28. What is the difference between live and scheduled campaign?

The live campaigns are currently active and running on the platform. Scheduled campaigns are the ones which are set to start on a future date and time.

29. How can I export and view data for my PLA campaign?

You can click on performance section of the campaign and scroll down to export option. You can download the campaign report and target performance report. Refer to this document for more information.


That’s it!


Got more questions? 

Contact us at seller@noon.com



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