FBN Storage and Inventory Transfers

FBN Storage and Inventory Transfers

You can manage the entire FBN transfer process on Seller Lab. We are constantly improving the process and concepts of ASN (Advance Shipment Note) creation and scheduling to provide a smooth transfer experience for our sellers.

In this article, we will go over the steps for creating and scheduling a transfer, as well as the different storage options available for your items. Once the transfer arrives at noon and is received, we'll provide you with a transfer summary so you have confirmation of what we received.

In addition, we offer six different storage options for your items, categorizing them based on item type or size:

Item type classification

  1. HRV (High Retail Value) – Mobile Phones, Tablets and Laptops
  2. Apparel and Footwear – Products that belong to categories  “Apparel” and “Footwear”.
  3. Temperature controlled – Products that belong to category “Grocery”.

Item size classification:

Products that are not part of the Special Storage Types would be classified into one of the three size-based classifications based on the dimensions and weight of the product.

Maximum Dimension and weight threshold for size classification
Size classification (Storage type)Length (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm)Max shipping weight (kg)
Standard 45342612
Oversize 130505030

Length, breadth and height are the longest, median, and shortest side respectively.


ASN & Storage Dashboard:

To access the dashboard, log in to your Seller Lab account and go to the Fulfillment tab, then select ASN and Storage.

Once you are on the dashboard, you will see three tabs: My ASN, My Storage, and My Requests. Here is a summary of what each tab does:

1. My ASN

a. Create a new ASN

b. View a summary of available space for each storage type

c. Open ASN's that have been created but not yet sealed, scheduled, or still pending (extra storage request is pending for this ASN)

d. View all scheduled ASN's and have the option to cancel or review them

e. Search for a specific ASN, sort ASN's by creation date (newest to oldest or oldest to newest), or filter ASN's by status.


2. My Storage 

a. This tab displays details of all storage types, including available, utilized, and in-transit space.

b. Users can also see their monthly performance storage updates in this tab.


3. My Request

a. Allows users to view any extra storage requests they have made, and search, filter, or sort these requests as needed.


How to create the ASN with new flow?

Once you start creating a transfer you won't be able to create another one until products have been added and it has been scheduled. Here is how to create an ASN with a new flow.

1. Click on the three lines on the top left corner of the screen. Click on Fulfilled by noon and select ASN and Storage tab. Now click on the Create New ASN


2. Select your preferred method for uploading your products: either select individual items from your catalog or upload a CSV file for bulk upload.


Note: When submitting an ASN, the quantity of products included
must not exceed the maximum quantity specified in the product's
max quantity field. This is the highest quantity accepted for the product.

2(a) - Choose from Catalog

If you choose to select items from your catalog, manually select each product, enter the quantity and any missing volume details.    


2(b) - Upload CSV file

- If you choose to upload a CSV file, download the product file by clicking on the Download CSV


- Update the Quantity, Dimension and weight of the items and save the file, then go back to seller lab and upload the file.


3. After uploading the file, click Continue.


4. The ASN will be created, and you will have the option to edit, cancel, or seal it. If you choose to seal the ASN, you will need to schedule it.


5. Carefully review the information in your ASN before sealing it. Then, click Seal and confirm your action by clicking the Yes, Seal button.


Note: Once the ASN is sealed, it can no longer be edited.
However, you can still cancel or schedule the ASN. The status will
change from "created" to "sealed" at this stage. 

Extra storage request

When creating an ASN , ensure that you have enough storage space for the items being transferred. If not, click Request Extra Storage.


Here you will be prompted to either Go back and remove items or Request Extra Storage. If you choose to Request Extra Storage, your request will be reviewed by the noon team.

- Once approved, you can proceed with sealing the ASN.

- For any rejected request, edit your ASN to match the available storage.


Scheduling the ASN

Once an ASN has been sealed, it can be scheduled. Follow these steps to schedule your ASN.

1. Click the Schedule button on the ASN details page.


2. On the scheduling page, select the warehouse you want to ship the ASN to from the dropdown list. The list will only include warehouses that have sufficient space to store the items specified in the ASN.


3. Select a date and time slot that works for you and click the Confirm Slot button to schedule the ASN.


4.The ASN will be successfully scheduled and you will be taken back to the ASN details page with the scheduled date and time displayed.


Once the version is scheduled you should print the transfer documentation and prepare your products for dispatch to noon with your chosen logistics partner or your own transportation means.


Check the receipt Of the Good Received (GRN)

Once the transfer has been processed by our receiving team your transfer summary will update to show you the status of all the items we've received. There are three possible outcomes for items that arrive at our warehouse. 

1- Items in good condition that have no content or other quality issues will be in the "Accepted" tab. You can expect these items to be available for sale immediately. 

2- Items that are damaged or that have content or quality issues will be in the "Rejected" tab. 

3- Items that could not be identified or mapped to an existing SKU in your account will be in the "Unidentified" tab.


What are the ASN Statuses?

In the process flow the ASN status will be changing depending on the stage of the process. The status you will fine are:

ASN Status



The ASN is newly created, or an already existing ASN which is not yet sealed will show this status.

SealedOnce you have made the selection of the SKUs and its quantity to be transferred you need to seal the ASN. Once the ASN is seal it can no longer be edited. But it can still be canceled or scheduled for delivery.
ScheduledThis status means that the ASN is scheduled to be delivered to the respective noon fulfillment center on the selected slot.

This status is found in case the ASN is having some pending request for additional space attached to the ASN.

InboundedOnce the item is handed over the noon fulfillment center the item goes through an external Quality check and and either accepted, rejected or marked as unidentified. The ASN is marked as inbounded at this stage.

The seller has an option to cancel the ASN at any point of the process flow. However, if the ASN is close to the scheduled date or is already expired the ASN cannot be canceled.


You may find this status in 2 scenarios

1. ASN being sealed but not scheduled for handover in 1 week or ASN getting sealed (or)

2. Scheduling the ASN but not delivering on time or delaying the delivery for more than 24 hours. Then the ASN will be expired.

Most common Errors

The seller needs to make sure to avoid these errors, which will prevent the creation of the ASN. The most common errors made by sellers while creating ASN are:

1. Selecting the wrong quantity: The quantity selected should be the correct amount and not zero or more than the quantity mentioned after the slash.

Scenario 1: If the quantity chosen is zero, please change it by entering a new value in the provided field.


Scenario 2: If the quantity is more than the maximum quantity recommended by noon you will find an option to auto correct the quantity. This option will adjust the quantity to the maximum amount automatically.


2.Missing volume details: It is important to include the details of the volume of the SKU in the ASN.


3. Wrong product combination: The new flow allows you to make a combined product selection of HRV and standard product classification. Any other selection will result in an error.



That’s it!


Got more questions? 

Contact us at seller@noon.com




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