Guidelines For Prohibited Items And Keywords

Guidelines For Prohibited Items And Keywords

 This guide provides essential insights into the standards of noon Marketplace, highlighting the key reasons why product listings might be rejected and explaining the prohibited items and categories to ensure compliance with legal and brand standards.


Restrictions on product Listing:

noon follows strict guidelines with regards to the product listing done on the platform. The below table gives a list or product categories with example which you are not allowed to list on noon 

Restricted contentDescription 

Illegal or Regulated Items

Avoid listing products which are illegal or require special permits to be used.

Example: Explosives, Firearms, Drugs and Certain Regulated Substances.

Offensive or Inappropriate Content

Products containing offensive, explicit, or inappropriate content are not allowed. 

Obscene Images

Images demonstrating adult content, explicit nudity or any form or obscene material is not allowed to be listed on noon.

Counterfeit Goods

Selling counterfeit products is a punishable offence and we strongly advise you to avoid listing such product.

Restricted of Hazardous Materials

Products that are considered hazardous, perishable, or restricted by transportation regulations might not be permitted for sale.

Example : Flammable gas., Etc.

Health and Safety

Items that may pose health risks or safety hazards are typically banned.

Example: Expired products, certain chemicals

and products not meeting safety standards.

Note: Please refer to this sheet to have a list all the prohibited keyword from

Prohibited Keywords and Items from MOHAP

According to the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), certain pharmaceutical names, medication ingredients, and specific terms are strictly banned on the platform.

Note: Please refer to this sheet for a comprehensive list of all such products.

Country-Specific Restrictions

Sometime the permissibility of listing some items can be country-specific. For instance, specific keywords or items allowed in one country might be restricted or prohibited in another, and vice versa.

Note: Please refer to this sheet for the details of all the country-specific

Understanding Rejection Reasons

Knowing the reasons for listing rejections helps in rectifying issues:

Rejection ReasonDescription

Banned Products - Adult Products

Our validation process ensures compliance with guidelines concerning items such as adult or sexual products. Any product intended for sexual enhancement, intimate use, or explicitly described for sexual pleasure will be rejected.

Banned Products - Religious Products

We ensure all items on noon are respectful and avoid disrespecting any beliefs. As part of this commitment, we prohibit products related to specific religions, including statues, paintings, and important religious books like the Bible, Geeta, or Ramayana.
Banned Products - Politically OffensiveWe don't allow products on our platform that disrespect or offend any political party. This includes rejecting items that show political figures disrespectfully, especially on low-quality products. Our aim is to keep the platform neutral and free from products that could cause political arguments or disrespect towards any political group or its representatives.
Banned Products - Inappropriate Image (Obscene Images)Any image containing adult or obscene images will be rejected during our validation process. This ensures our platform remains appropriate and safe for everyone using it.

Highlights/Facets/Specs/Title - Banned Products - Inappropriate words (slangs/offensive words)

If any inappropriate or offensive words are found in the Highlights, Facets, or Specifications section of a product, it will result in rejection. This includes words listed in the Prohibited Keywords List provided earlier.
Banned Products - This type of products should not be listedThis rejection reason occurs when our system detects any banned keywords found in our Prohibited Keywords List. It applies to both product content and images


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