Handling Customer Returns Policy (for FBP)

Handling Customer Returns Policy (for FBP)

This article outlines Noon's Handling Customer Returns Policy for sellers using the Fulfilled by Partner (FBP) service. It details the process and responsibilities for managing returns, from the moment a customer initiates a return to the resolution of any disputes that may arise.

Return process

1- Return Initiation by the Customer
Customers can request returns within 14 days of receiving their order via the Noon site or Seller Support. They must select the item, provide a return reason, and can upload up to six images and additional comments. Upon submission, both the customer and seller receive notifications, and customers have the option to cancel the request unless the item has been collected by Noon.

2- Pre-Pick-Up Seller Return Evaluation

Sellers using the messaging service have 48 hours to contact customers regarding their return request. This interaction is aimed at clarifying any issues but does not halt the return process. Sellers receive all return details on Seller Lab and must adhere to messaging guidelines during this period.

Note: -Contacting the customer doesn't imply the item will not be picked up, it will only take an extra two days for the pick-up request to be created.
- The only way for the return request to be canceled is if the customer cancels it themselves.

3- Returns Collection from the Customer

Noon facilitates the logistics of returning the item, automatically authorizing pick-up within the return window. For sellers using the messaging service, the pick-up is delayed by 48 hours. Noon makes up to three delivery attempts to return the item to the seller.

Return Receiving by Seller

Upon receiving a return, sellers must promptly assess the item's condition to verify the return's validity. If deemed invalid, sellers should immediately file a claim, as customers receive a full refund upon receipt of the returned item.

4- Return Resolution Options

Sellers can resolve returns by offering a full refund, where customers are informed of the refund and the return request is completed, or a partial refund, allowing customers to keep the item while receiving a portion of the product price back.

5- Disputes

Both sellers, and customers can raise disputes to address their concerns.

1. Customer Disputes:

Customers can raise a dispute by reaching out to Customer Service to express their concerns regarding their experience. 

2. Seller Disputes:

Sellers can raise a dispute after they received the item. Disputes can be raised if the seller receives a different item from what was sold to the customer, an empty box, a heavily damaged item.

When raising a dispute, sellers will be asked to fill a form to provide details and any evidence they have to support their claim. Once the dispute is raised, noon will conduct an investigation, and throughout the process, the Seller Support team will maintain direct communication with the seller, adhering to the current dispute resolution process.

Important Guidelines and Timeframes For Processing Returns


Time to Complete

Implications of delegation actions within the specified timeframe

Respond to the customer

24 hours

After receiving a reply from the customer you are expected to reply within 24 hours. Failure to respond in time may result in the disabling of the option to contact customers for your seller account

Contact Customer

Within 48 hours of receiving the return request

It is important to contact the customer within 48 hours. If you choose not to contact the customer, please request a pickup. noon will monitor your utilization of the "Contact Customer" option. Failure to use it and request a pickup may result in the disabling of the option to contact customers for your seller account

Issue a Returnless Refund 

Within 48 hours of receiving the return request

Once you receive the return request, you have 48 hours to issue a full or a partial refund to the customer and let them keep the item. Failure to do so will result in noon picking up the and bring it back to you.

Raise a Dispute

Within 7 days of receiving the item.

If you fail to raise a dispute within 7 days, you will not be eligible for reimbursement from noon

That’s it!


Got questions?

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