How To Add The Bank Details In The Legal Entity.

How To Add The Bank Details In The Legal Entity.

Ensuring seamless payment transactions is crucial for a seller to maintain a healthy business. An important step in this process involves accurately adding your bank details across various platforms where sales are conducted.

To successfully create new bank details or update your existing ones, follow the steps of adding the bank details and then proceed to link them to your store.

This article offers guidance on two fundamental aspects:

How to Add the Bank Details to your Legal Entity

How to link the Bank Details to your store


Adding the bank details to your Legal Entity is an important step which enables noon to process your payments to the correct account. You can follow these simple step to add and submit your bank details for approval.

- Go to Home screen on Seller Lab and click on Edit Store Details

Scroll down to the Legal And Payment section and click on View Details (Legal Entity name).

In the Legal Entity page, scroll down to the Payment Method section. Click on Add Payment Method button.

Select your preferred Payment Method from Bank Account, Payoneer or Lian Lian. We are selecting Bank Account as the option here. Then click on Next Step. 

Fill in all the details requested in the next step and then click on Add Payment Details.

Finally click on Submit for Approval. This approval process might take up to 24 to 48 hours.

Once the bank details are added and approved, in order for noon to process the payment you need to link the bank details to you Legal Entity. This can be done by following these simple steps.

- Go to Home screen on Seller Lab and click on Edit Store Details

Scroll down to the Legal & Payment section and under Bank account for payment select your Bank account you want to link from the drop-down. Click on Link Bank Account. Your bank account will be linked to the store successfully.


That’s it!


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