How to list products belonging to multiple categories in bulk

How to list products belonging to multiple categories in bulk

As a seller, you can list one, or multiple categories of products on your noon virtual store. This article provides the steps to list products belonging to multiple categories in bulk.

Find out more on how to list products that belong to a single category here.

Downloading The Template

Start by downloading the template for the bulk listing of products under multiple categories.

In Seller Lab, click Catalog, then Imports.

Select the Import type as NIS and the Import Subtype as NIS Create/ Update.

Choose the template depending on the language you'll use for your listings; either the English-only template or the English+Arabic template. We strongly recommend that you list your products in English and Arabic to ensure your products are visible in the Arabic version of the site, and that they are accessible to Arabic speaking customers. 

Note: You can select "with instruction" option to download a sheet that has clear
instructions on how to add your product description.


Understanding And Filling Out The NIS 

a. Instructions

In the downloaded file, you'll find a tab that provides you with detailed instructions on how to fill out the NIS, as shown in the screenshot below.

b. Classification Directory

You will also find a Classification Directory tab, which helps you to correctly categorize your item in the category tree, as shown in the screenshot below.


For assistance in determining your product category, check the
categorization guide.


c. Template Language 

It's necessary to provide your product description according to the template language that you choose. In the English template, provide content solely in English, while in the English+Arabic template, provide content in both languages in their respective columns.

The template only requires the necessary information for content approval. To provide a better product knowledge to our customers and help them make an informed buying decision, please ensure that all fields of the NIS are filled.

The details for each field on the sheet are explained below:

Field nameDetails to be filled
Partner SKU UniqueIt is the unique code assigned to each product, which serves as an identifier (it can be provided on the product by the manufacturer, or it can be created by the seller). The Partner SKU Unique will be attached to all information related to your product on Seller Lab.
BrandThe brand of your product. If the brand is not available in the system, you can submit a new brand request. For more information on brand creation please click here.
Product titleThe title of your product.
Long descriptionA detailed description explaining the characteristics and the use of the product.
Feature bulletInformation that will be presented as bullet points on your product display page on the noon site. The bullet points should be concise and easy to understand.
Item ConditionThis is a drop-down field which has only one option:New. You can only list products that are new and sealed.
What's in the boxThis field requires information about the content that will be available in the product packaging.
Image URLsThe direct link to your product pictures (min requirement is 1 picture per product). You can generate your picture link using one of the reliable image URL generators that are available on the internet or upload the image in a google drive and alter the access setting to "anyone with the link". This will make it easy for the Content Quality team to check and approve the images. Pictures should always be in JPEG format, and the link to your picture should always end with JPEG to ensure it gets imported successfully.

For more information on image requirements, please click here.

Creating Product Under Multiple Categories

In the NIS, select the appropriate product categories by choosing the Family, Product Type, and Product Subtype. 


Creating Product Variants In Bulk

To create variants in bulk, you must first establish a parent-child relationship between your products in the NIS sheet. Start by creating a "Parent SKU", then add multiple "Child SKUs" that are grouped together using Parent Group Key.

Once you have a Parent Group Key and Parent SKU defined, you can use the same Parent Group Key to group multiple Child SKUs and define them as Child.

Please note the Parent SKU will be an independent variable and does not need a size variation defined.  All the content will be pulled from the Parent SKU for the Child SKU except for the Size Variation. You need to define the variation that each child would signify, this is defined below:

Once all the above information and images are successfully updated in the sheet, save the file as CSV,TSV or XLS. Then, go back to Seller Lab and then click on Next option in the NIS import option and upload the file.

 How To Enhance Your Uploaded Content 

After uploading your file, the system will check and process it. You can then download the individual category NIS sheets and enhance the content. To do this, go to the Imports tab, click NIS & Bulk Product Import, and find the option to download the Content Export.

The Content Export can be downloaded as a zip file, which contains pre-filled Excel sheets for each category and product with the provided content.

Use these sheets to provide more information to customers and help them make informed buying decisions. Check our Help center article for more guidance on filling out the template for specific categories.

That's it!


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