How to setup your Automated Return Preference?

How to setup your Automated Return Preference?

Monitoring your inventory stored in noon fulfillment centers, and submitting timely retrieval requests of saleable and non-saleable items is crucial to prevent incurring storage fees. To make the process easy for you, you can simply automate your returns. 

This feature requires you to set up your stock retrieval automation preferences. Once your preferences are updated, the system will automatically initiate return shipments for your stock and notify you promptly.

Currently, this feature is only active for expired inventory.

1. Your stock retrieval will be based on the preferences you have saved by the
25th of the month.
2. Any expired inventory stored in the noon warehouse for more than 30 days  will
be disposed of by noon and will not be liable for any payments or disputes.
3. Your automated returns for grocery warehouse will be processed every Monday.
4. Any expired inventory store for 2 consecutive Mondays in the noon warehouse
will be disposed, and noon will not be liable for any payments or disputes.

How to access the Automated Returns in Seller Lab

- Click Fulfilled by noon, then Returns.

 - After that, click Automated Returns in the top left corner of the screen.

 - You will then be redirected to the page where you can set up your preference for Automated Returns of your Sort, Non-sort, and Bulky warehouses.

How to set up your preference for Automated Returns

For UAE and EGY

- You have to select the Return Preferences from the available options based on the warehouse type.

 For KSA

- The preference setting for KSA will includes an additional city-level filter. You will select your Return Preferences for each city from the available options based on the warehouse type.

1. For Sort warehouses, you get an option to have the stock delivered to your
warehouse, or have it disposed by noon.
2. For the Non-sort and Bulky warehouse, you have the option to collect the stock
from our pick-up point, or have it disposed by noon.

Automating returns for a Sort Warehouse

- In the Sort warehouse section, select your Return Preference as either Delivery or Dispose.

  • If you choose Delivery as your return preference, click Choose Delivery Address, then select the location where you want the return shipments to be delivered. Finally, click on Save to update your preference.

  • If you choose Dispose, you will need to verify the request with an OTP, which will be sent to the phone number you enter in the pop-up that appears once you click Verify OTP. Once you have entered the OTP, you can click Confirm to set your preference as Dispose.
The set-up for the Dispose option remains the same for all the warehouse types.


Automating returns for a Non-sort Warehouse

- In the Non-Sort warehouse section select your Return Preference as either Pick-up or Dispose.

  • If you choose Pick-up, click Choose Pickup Address, select the location of your choice and click on Save to set your preference.

 Automating returns for a bulky Warehouse

- In the Bulky Warehouse section, select your Return Preference as either Pick-up or Dispose.
  • If you choose Pick-up, you will see a button Choose Contact. Clicking this button will bring up a pop-up with a list of all contact which are verified to collect the RTV from our bulky warehouse. You can select the contact details from the available list. Finally, click on Save to set your preference.
When selecting the bulky warehouse preference, you only need to provide contact
details. The selected contact will be notified about the collection status and
the pickup location for the RTV on the verified contact information.

Once you setup the preferences for all the warehouses, you will notice a completion checkmark on the right-side of the screen. This confirms that you have successfully set up your Automated Return preferences.


What are the other actions you can take on Automated Returns dashboard.

This dashboard enables you to take additional actions to effectively manage your preferences for Automated Returns, Such as:

1. Changing the preferred address

You can easily change the address set as a preference for Automated Returns across various warehouse types by following these steps.

- In the Automated Returns Dashboard you will find a hyperlink associated to each warehouse type called Change Address. Click on this button. 

- This will open up a pop-up with a list of addresses you can choose from to set as your preferred address for retrieval. You will notice the existing preferred location will have a tag Auto-RTV, which indicates the currently used location. You can select the new address to which you want to change your preference and click on Save.

2. Add new delivery address

You are also allowed to add a new address if there is no address added for the stock retrieval. Lets discuss how you can do this.

- Select Delivery as your return preference and then click on Choose Delivery Address. In the pop-up click on Create an Address button.

In the next step, you will see the Address Type as Delivery and the City as All. Click on Set up address which will open a pop-up to select and confirm the pin location and update the location details. Then click on Add User button.

- Select the user from the list and click on Add user.

- Review the details and click on Review and confirm. Once the address is approved it will be used as your preferred location for delivering the stock you requested.  

3. Viewing the change log

You can get a detailed view of all adjustments made to the preference for each warehouse type.
This includes details such as the timestamp of changes, the user's email ID who made the changes, and specifics of the changes implemented.

- In the Automated Returns Dashboard just click on the Action button and the click on View Change Log.

-This will open a view displaying all the details about the changes made to the specific warehouse preferences in a timely manner.

4. Disabling the preference

You have the option to disable the preference if you prefer not to have the system automatically initiate retrieval requests.
You can individually disable the preference for all warehouse types or choose to disable it for a specific warehouse.

Note: You will not be allowed to disable the Automate RTV preference for the
expired or non-saleable aging stock stored in noon warehouse.
- In the Automated Returns Dashboard, click on the Action button and the select Disable Preference.

This brings a pop-up requesting your confirmation if you wish to disable the preference. Click on Disable Preference to confirm. 


That’s it!


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