I’m Registered as a noon Seller - What’s Next?

I’m Registered as a noon Seller - What’s Next?

Congratulations! Mabrook! You have successfully registered as a noon seller, your documents have been approved. So, what’s next?

1. Get some training!

Seller Lab provides free on-boarding training to help you start selling your products on noon. Training sessions will help you understand noon’s selling process and master the use of our tools. Request the monthly training calendar at seller@noon.com and register for a session at a date that is convenient for you using the below links

2. List your products!

You need only one product listing to start selling with noon. Most products need to have a product ID, description, imagery, and specifications. Learn everything about product listing here

3. Pick a selling model!

We have two selling models as explained below.

a. Fulfilled by Noon (FBN) or noon express
FBN takes the stress out of selling online with warehousing, packing, and shipping all taken care of by noon's team of professionals. FBN is favored by noon customers, who actively filter products by 'noon Express' to ensure a super speedy delivery.

Learn more about FBN here.

b. Fulfilled by Partner (FBP) or Direct ship

Seller processes customer orders, picks and packs the item themselves before handing the package over to noon logistics for delivery only.

Learn more about direct ship here.           


Got more questions? 

Contact us at seller@noon.com

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