Managing your returns/ Managing FBN returns

Managing your returns/ Managing FBN returns

noon gives the customers the option to return purchased items. Any order that has been shipped, falls within the returnable categories and is within the 15 days’ limit from the date of delivery, can be filed for return.

All customer returned units are then received in the warehouse it was shipped out from.

Below are some important questions which will help improve your understanding of the noon return process which will help you streamline operations within your business. 

What are my options for handling returns?

There are 2 possible ways you can manage your returned units : 

1) Move the units to noon Express - This is the default process where all your returned units are moved back to the warehouse it was shipped from. As soon as the units have passed QC, they will then be moved to your FBN inventory and the product will be live under noon Express.

2) Receive the units back - After a returned unit has been received in the noon warehouse, it will then be returned back to your selected return location within 7 days. The details of all products that will be returned back to you will be available on RTV transfer notes that can be accessed from the Transfers page - From noon, on the Seller Lab (see below). This setting can be configured for you by your account manager or noon seller support. 


How can I check and change my current settings?

You can check your active settings directly from Settings in Seller Lab. 

FBN Terms and Conditions

To move your items into our warehouse it is very important for us that you have agreed to our terms & conditions. They are always available here to review.

These are the same terms & conditions which you had accepted when you first logged into your Seller Lab account.

Terms & Conditions UAE

Terms & conditions KSA

Terms & conditions EGY

Return stock to FBN

If this section is marked as Accepted, this means your units are currently enabled on FBN and all returned units which have passed QC will be moved to your FBN inventory.

We highly recommend our partners to be enabled on FBN because of its benefits;
hence moving forward all your returned cross-dock items which have passed QC
will be moved to your FBN inventory via enabling
‘Force FBN Eligible’.

Why do we recommend this approach?

Moving your returned units to noon Express can save you plenty of time and ensure you focus on the important things, like growing your business while we take care of the rest.

Key benefits are:

  • Reduced logistics time & costs for handing returns
  • Lower fees charged for FBN orders
  • Faster delivery commitment to customers
  • Trusted noon Express badge
  • More sales.

What happens to my returned units which fail QC?

If the unit or packaging was damaged by the customer and fails QC, the items will be returned back to you and you will be compensated as per the noon’s grading policy. To know more about our grading policy, click here.

How will noon communicate return sales to me ?

When items are returned after shipping out, noon will notify you via the VAT credit note report. You can access it from the Reports section in Seller Lab by entering a date range.


How does noon handle my Crossdock B2B returns and customer cancellations ?

In the Crossdock B2B business model, the units will be stored in an area in our warehouse where units are stored before being batched and shipped out to our customers.

The cross-dock operations model will be discontinued by the third quarter of 2022

For these cases if a unit is cancelled while it is still not shipped out, the unit remains in a Preship location in the warehouse and we don't ship the unit out. However, if a subsequent order comes in for the same unit, we will allocate the unit to it and ship the unit out.

Preship location is the area in our warehouse where units are stored before being batched and shipped out to our customers



That’s it!


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