noon Finds- FAQs

noon Finds- FAQs

noon Finds is a video-commerce platform that allows sellers to share videos showcasing their products. With noon Finds, customers can view shoppable videos of the items available on the noon platform to make a purchase.

This article addresses frequently asked questions about noon Finds

1. Where can you see noon Finds?
noon Finds can only be viewed on the noon application. It appears on the landing page of the noon app as the first icon under the category carousel.
2. Do we need a noon account to use noon Finds?
You can view the videos under noon Finds without a noon account. However, to purchase the product you need an account on
3. What languages are available on noon Finds?
We accept and offer video content in both English and Arabic languages.
4. How can you setup the language preference of the videos on noon Finds?
You can very easily set up your language preference by going to the noon app account setting, and change the language as per your preference.
5. What kind or videos can you find on noon Finds?
You'll find a variety of short-form videos (15 seconds to 3 minutes) showcasing Fashion, Beauty, and Home products. These include reviews, unboxings, tutorials, demonstrations, and lifestyle content.  We're constantly expanding to include more categories.
6. What product videos are prohibited or not allowed on noon Finds?
We do not encourage videos that promote or showcase products featuring nudity. Additionally, we do not allow videos in the Food and Beverage category.
7. What products videos are allowed on noon Finds?
All the product categories except the one mentioned in point 6 are allowed to be featured on noon Finds.
8. What are the video requirements to be listed on noon Finds?
You can drop an email to to know about the video requirements.
9. Do we need to pay for subscribing to noon Finds?
You do not have to pay any amount to list and view the videos on noon Finds.
10. In which countries is noon Finds available?
You can find the noon Finds feature available for UAE and KSA region only. We will soon be expanding to Egypt as well.
11. How can I get my videos featured on noon Finds?
You can contact our team by sending an email to
12. How soon can we get a reply for the queries raised on the support email?
You can expect a response to your queries within 24- 48 hours.

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