Packing Guidelines for DirectShipping

Packing Guidelines for DirectShipping

This comprehensive guide outlines Noon’s packing guidelines for DirectShipping, ensuring the safe transit and delivery of products to customers. Adhering to these guidelines is vital for maintaining Noon's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.



General Packaging Guidelines and examples

  • Use only Noon-provided or printed QR codes on each package. Avoid using multiple QR codes to prevent confusion.
  • Ensure the correctness of the item's brand, color, and model.

·         All items in Noon packages must be securely sealed.

·         Items not fitting in Noon packages should be shrink-wrapped or bubble-wrapped with the QR code on the wrapping.

·         Use 'fragile' or 'liquid' stickers when applicable.

·         Bulk items must be shrink-wrapped.

·         Multiple items for a single order can be packed together if within the size and weight limits; otherwise, they must be shipped separately.

  • For shipments exceeding size or weight limits (130cm x 50cm x 50cm or 30kg), logistics won’t accept
  • them, and a cancellation fee may apply (click here for more details).

Some examples:



Shipped together in one shipment (exceeding the bulky dimension of weight threshold)

Shipped in different shipment (not exceeding the bulky dimension of weight threshold)

Customer ordered 4 dumbbells all under one order

Dimension: Within the bulky limit i.e., 130*50*50 cm.

Weight: Each dumb bell weighing 10 Kgs

Not accepted by logistics since the weight exceeds the threshold.

Accepted by logistics

Customer ordered 2 microwaves in one order.

Dimensions: 70*32*13 (cm) each

Weight : Within 30 Kgs

Not accepted by logistics since the weight exceeds the threshold.

Accepted by logistics

Packing High-Value Items

·         Sellers must video record the packing of high-value items, capturing the product, its serial number or IMEI, and product specifications.

·         The recorded video should be retained for three months for dispute resolution.

Category-Specific Packaging Guidelines



Packing Material

Recommended Guideline


Dinner Sets, Camera Lens, Mirrors, Glass items, Porcelain

- Q Series Pouch

- Shrink Wrap

- Fragile Sticker

- Bubble wrap for unboxed items

- Use bubble wrap Q series packaging wherever possible

-Bubble wrap to be used in case item does not fit Q series pouches

- Primary packaging of dinner sets should be able to hold weight of items & must be tight fit (restricting any internal movement)

- Fragile Sticker to be pasted on the package


Cosmetics, Creams, Lotions, Shampoo, Home Cleaning Liquids and Detergents.

- Tape

- P series or Q series Pouch

-Liquid Sticker

- The lid or opening of the item must be taped with a transparent tape, to prevent any leakages in-transit

- In case of heavier liquid items (like home cleaning liquid) a Q series pouch will be preferred

- Multiple liquid items must be packed separately in plain pouches or polybag before adding into shipment

- Liquid sticker must be pasted on the package.

Consumer Electronics

Mobile Phones, Mobile Phone Accessories, smartwatch, Camera

- Q series Pouch
- P series Pouch

- E series box.

- Marketplace tape.

- All mobile phones and smart watches must be packed in Q series Pouch or E-series box and sealed with noon marketplace tape on it.

- All accessories can go in P series pouches

- In case the item does not fit in the provided packages, the item must be shrink wrapped


Apparels, Shoes, Watches

- P series Pouch

- P series pouch is preferred for all fashion items


Cycles, Sports and Fitness Equipment, Furniture, Kitchen Appliance and Home Improvement Appliances, Kids Toys

- Shrink Wrap

- Market place tape

- All items must be shrink wrapped and sealed with noon marketplace tape.
- In case of mirrors or delicate furniture, fragile sticker must be pasted on the item.

Application of QR code sticker.

The packing pouches for your order will eventually have the QR Label pre-printed on the packing material. We recommend you not to apply a secondary QR code on the shipment as each shipment should have only one QR code. 

However, incase the QR code printed on the packing material is un-scannable or doesn't work you need to apply a QR code sticker on top
of the pre-printer QR label on packing pouches. Please refer to the images to understand how to apply or use the QR code.

Return Items Accountability and Dispute Resolution for Non delivered items

All packages in any condition must be scanned by the seller using the DirectShip app. Any unscanned package will not be eligible for reimbursement or dispute. 


Next Step

Next Scenario


Seller Impact

Outer packaging damaged

Mark the package as damaged while receiving return.

Inside item is intact


Seller will not be reimbursed if outer-packaging is damaged

Inside item is damaged or in non-sellable condition and image of the item is shared


- If packaging is done as per guidelines, seller will be reimbursed 100% of the item value.- If packaging is not done as per guidelines, seller will not be reimbursed.

Empty box received

Raise a dispute on Seller Lab

Outer packaging is tampered


Seller will be reimbursed 100% of the item value.

Item lost by noon

Item will be marked as lost in seller lab and reimbursement will be triggered automatically.



Seller will be reimbursed 100% of the item value

Incorrect item received

Take photographs of outer packaging along with the pre-generated QR code sticker pasted on the package

Outer packaging is present with the original pre-generated QR code sticker.


Seller will not be reimbursed, and it will be deemed that the seller packed the wrong item

Outer packaging is tampered.


Seller will be reimbursed 100% of the item value.






That’s it!


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