Partial RTV Handover in noon Hubs

Partial RTV Handover in noon Hubs

At noon, we value our partners’ feedback and find ways to incorporate it in our strategy to create a seamless selling experience. With this in mind, we’ve created a new tactic as part of the Return to Vendor (RTV) pick-up process to allow proper resolution of RTV shipments that sellers aren’t able to collect during their visit to our hubs.
  1. Who does this new process apply to?

This update is only applicable to sellers that are on RTV shipments pick-up mode.
  1. What’s the RTV process update?

When you visit the noon hubs to collect your RTV shipment(s) after receiving a notification from noon that your shipment(s) is ready for pick-up; you may face instances where the handover may happen partially or not at all due to the following reasons:
  • Your RTV isn’t available for handover
  • You or your representative couldn’t present complete identification details, or 
  • You’ve been prevented by security from taking the RTV shipment

In these scenarios, you’ll just need to follow the below steps to smoothly retrieve your RTV shipment(s):

Step 1: at the moment of collection in the noon hub, a noon employee will provide you with a filled copy of this document that states the reason for partial or non-handover of your RTV shipment(s). Keep this document as you’ll need it to raise your concern to noon before the RTV confiscation date.

Step 2: notify us by filling out this form  UAE, Egypt, KSA, select “RTV not handed over at FC”, and attach the document provided to you by the noon employee at the time of collection. You can also find the form in the “RTV Shipment Readiness” email that you receive when your RTV is ready for collection. 


That’s it!


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