Partner SKU price update import

Partner SKU price update import

This import allows you to mass update price, sale price, sale start date and sale end date. for your items on

This article will help you to ensure a successful import walking you through how you can update your prices.

Update your price one at a time

Go to your Seller Lab Go to Catalog then click Partner Catalog

Click on any product to modify your price. Any changes made to your offer will reflect immediately on the noon website.

Add your Price, discounted price as you wish then start and end date if Sale Price selected.

Price Bulk Update Steps

  • Step by step walkthrough
  • 1- From your dashboard (Home) left menu, select Catalog then Imports then click on New Import at the top left of the page

  • Select Price as a “Main Type”, then Price Update as “Sub-type”.
  • Select Not Live as the “Status”.
  • Then click Request Export to download the document.

 The columns with the header that mentions "current" reflect your current prices on the website.

  • Update your new prices in the columns: Price, and update if applicable Sale Price, Sale Start, Sale End to put your product on a promotion.
  • The dates should be updated in the following format (2019-30-12, YYYY-DD-MM)
  • Make sure that your prices are within the range reflected in the columns "global price min" and "global price max", otherwise your updates won't go live.

The use of "global price min" is to help sellers avoid setting low prices to their products by mistake. And the "global price max" is set to ensure that we offer competitive prices to our customers, which will continue to drive demand for our partners at the same time.

In case you'd like to set your prices below the "global price min" please send an e-mail with the SKUs and their respective prices to to grant your approval of the lower prices.


  • Finally, upload your updated file to Seller Lab on the Imports tab by clicking Next on the page you downloaded the excel file from.
  • Xlsx, TSV and CSV file formats are accepted.
  • Next, import your file
  • Click Submit, and your prices will go live within a few minutes
  • Prices of products priced below or above the noon price range won't go live (global price min & global price max)

Then you can track the status of your import in the imports' status page, once it's processed, that means all your updates is in place.

Note: If your file has so many updates, it may take some time in processing, you can refresh the page using the refresh button at the top right until you get your file processed.

Understanding the Columns of the Template

Here is a brief about all the columns you would need in your import file

Field / ColumnImportantSample valueDescription
Country_CodeRequiredAEThe country for which you've exported. Your available products will be different depending on country selected
id_partnerRequired1455Your unique partner id that identifies your account and your products
partner_sku Optional ashar2The SKU you assign your self to each and single one of your product
Psku_CodeRequireda51578b667d96d04e0fb34dThis code is generated as soon as your product is linked to a noon product. It is a standardized alphanumeric code that will not change. When making subsequent imports you can either use this value or your partner_sku or both
x_partner_title Optional iPhone X The title you already assigned for your product
x_noon_sku Optional N20174454AThe noon SKU. This will only be available for linked products
x_noon_brand Optional AppleThe brand of your product as registered with Noon
x_noon_title Optional iPhone XThe title assigned to your product in's catalog
current_price Optional100The old price available before your import
current_sale_priceOptional800The old sale price available before your import
current_sale_start_date Optional


The old sale start date available before your import
current_sale_end_date Optional2019-31-03The old sale start date available before your import
priceRequired90The new price available after your import
sale_priceOptional same_dayThe new sale price would be available after your import. 
sale_start_date Optional 2019-15-03The date you need to import as the newest update for the sale start.
 sale_end_date Optional 2019-31-03The date you need to import as the newest update for the sale end.

Best practices and tips

Calculate the price difference 
Please note that this import goes through a secondary check at noon. Any price update greater than 30% will have to be verified with you via email
Check the format within columns

Some columns require certain formatting. For example, "sale_start_date" indicates the starting date in the following format(2019-30-12, YYYY-DD-MM)

For small updates use the paste feature 
If you are only making a small update (less than 500 rows) you can paste the values directly into the import and submit. That way you won't have to worry about file formats

Be sure to save your file in xlsx or CSV format
Product Catalog doesn't import XLS files. If you create or edit your file in Excel, we recommend saving the file with Unicode Text encoding.or you can simply paste all the data in the Paste tab.

Check the file format and encoding
  • Windows: Select Save As > Save as type > Unicode Text.
  • Mac: Select Save As > Format > UTF-16 Unicode Text.

List each offer on its own row Each row in your xlsx/CSV file must represent a single offer, such as a mobile, a toy or a T-shirt, etc.

If you need to make only minor changes or additions to the account, you might choose to export a xlsx file from Exports, edit it, then import it back into Imports.

You might find extra columns when you download the sample template, like X_noon_sku, Noon_warehouse_code, etc., those are optional fields and you can learn more about all fields from the help center.

Common errors 

In case of a sale, the sale price is higher than the price
This usually occurs if the sale is present and you update the price instead of the sale_price, in order to solve this, just export the price update, and fill only the sale_price update making sure it's less the price

Sale start date is not greater than the sale end date
Please make sure if sale start and end are present, that sale end is greater than the sale start, and both are following the right format (YYYY-DD-MM)


That’s it!


Got more questions? 

Contact us at






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