Payments Processing Policy

Payments Processing Policy

Noon Statements

  • Noon generates statements every Wednesday, which include the following:
    • Orders delivered during the statement period.
    • New customer returns received during the Statement Period that were paid in an earlier statement.
    • Noon marketplace fees as per the agreement
    • Noon compensation for Damages & Returns penalty
  • The statement period refers to the time interval between the most recent statement and the current statement.
  • The statements are accessible on Seller Lab, in the ‘Statements’ tab.  
  • Each statement has its reference number that reflects the date of its issuance.

Payments To Sellers

  • Seller will receive their payments every week as long as a Seller has:
    • A positive weekly statement (i.e. the money from sales net of returns is higher than fees due to us)
    • If the value of your weekly statement is greater than or equal to AED/SAR 1000 & EGP 50
    • A valid bank account registered with noon
  • Payments of less than AED / SAR 1,000 but more than AED / SAR 50 are processed fortnightly.
  • Payments of less than AED / SAR 50 and EGP 50 will be kept on hold until the above minimum thresholds are reached.
  • The payment for the statement generated on Wednesday is processed by noon on the following Thursday for UAE and KSA, while for Egypt, the same is processed on the following Tuesday. Refer to an illustration on Payment Timelines below.
  • Generally, there is a processing time of 1 to 2 business days upon initiation of a transfer before funds are credited to your bank account for domestic transactions, while international transactions may take 3 to 5 business days.
  • Each payment transaction has a bank transaction ID which you can use to follow up on your payment with your bank, whenever needed.
Note: Claims or disputes regarding the weekly statements should be raised
within 15 days of the statement generation date. Claims or disputes raised
after that will not be considered.

Refer to the Negative Account Balance Recovery policy for treatment where Seller owes money to noon.


Illustration on Payment Timelines - UAE & KSA

Illustration on Payment Timelines - Egypt



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