Picture Requirements and Rejection Reasons for the Seller SKU

Picture Requirements and Rejection Reasons for the Seller SKU

Images are one of the biggest factors which impact a customer’s purchase decision. High quality images should always be used in your listings as they're a way customers use to quickly evaluate the product before referring to the product information.

It is highly recommended to upload a minimum of 3 high-quality images for your product displaying the following for an easy understanding of the product for the customer:

  • Different angles of the product
  • Sizes
  • Textures and fabrics

Technical Image Requirements

The following guidelines will help you use the best pictures that will reflect your products' worth:

MIME TypeImages must be submitted in JPEG or JPG format only.
Image Dimensions and Aspect ratioImage dimensions should be at least 660x900 pixels and maintain a height and width ratio (aspect ratio) of 0.73.
Resolution (PPI)Resolution should be above or equal to ≥ 72 PPI (to maintain the image clarity when zoomed).
Image frame

If the product is shot vertically then a 10% margin should be left on top and bottom, and if the product is shot horizontally then a 5% margin should be left on both sides.


Correct (mceclip2.png)


Wrong (mceclip3.png)



  • Left and right margin should be kept in vertical shots.
  • Top and bottom margin should be kept in horizontal shots.
Max file sizeThe size of the product image must not exceed 10 MB.
Color FormatRGB/sRGB.

Primary Image Style Requirements

The first thing that the customer sees are the primary images. It is the way customers can get an idea on how amazing your products are. The better the picture quality, the better it will reflect your product value, and the more likely they are to buy it.

Primary images should display the following:

  • A front view of the product.
  • Pure white background for all categories except for the fashion; where the recommended background is light grey.
  • Lifestyle images are not permitted for the primary images but can be uploaded to be part of your product pictures selection
  • Light shadows only are accepted but hard shadow or hard reflection shouldn't be used.
  • Multiple views of a single product must be not be included in a primary image, but it can be added as other alternate images.
  • It must be displayed outside of their packaging. No elements of a product’s packaging, including boxes, bags, cases and brand/swing tags should appear in the primary image.
  • Full bundles must be depicted in the primary image in case bundled products are being sold.
  • If the product category is "Smartphones and Tablet" then the images should be a combo of front and back view.
  • For the Adults apparel category, it is recommended to have pictures shot on models instead of flat lay shots or images shot on hangers except for swimwear and underwear.
  • For the Kids apparel category, it is recommended to have flat lay shots or products shot on hangers.

 All Product Images Requirements

The rest of images that will you'll use for your product besides the primary image must comply with the following standards:

  • Matching the product title and description.
  • High resolution, and not blurry and pixelated.
  • No logos, watermarks, unwanted text or objects are allowed.
  • It should not contain any inappropriate or offensive images.
  • Only photographs are permitted, CAD drawings, thumbnails, or illustrations are not allowed.
  • Do not upload images that show accessories that are not included with the item.
  • Products needs to have good visibility on the images. They need to cover at least 70-80% of the image frame.
  • Do not use placeholder images (images that don't show the actual product) like as:
    • Image coming soon
    • No image available
    • Sorry, the photo is not available
  • If you're adding text to the images, make sure the language is not offensive or in any way inappropriate. This includes banned words, prejudiced language and similarly inappropriate expressions. 

Common Listing Errors

The below table lists the most common errors made while submitting the images which leads to noon's quality check rejections. The explanation is given for each rejection reason which can be referred to fix the rejected SKUs.

More detailsAllowedNot Allowed

Image - Need product image without packaging


The primary image is the most important image as it represents the product the customer is going to buy, and is the first image customers see on a product listing page.

It is important that the primary image should be clear, allowing customers to see all details of the product. And they must be displayed without packaging, brand or price tags.


Image - Cropped/half image


The Primary images should not be cropped to obscure important elements of the product. It must show the entire product that is for sale.

Any image which has a portion of the product cropped (missing) will be not allowed as a primary image.

Close-up views of the product may be added as additional image variants.


Image - Low resolution


Product images should not be blurry or pixelated. All images should be in focus, professionally lit, and photographed and must clearly show product detail and texture.

Therefore, it is important to submit a high-resolution image for your product and make sure that the images should be edited properly so that they should not get stretched and distorted.


Image - Duplicate Images


Duplicate images or same images must not be uploaded multiple times against the same product.


Image - Conflicting images


Images must accurately represent the product and show only the product that is for sale.


Image - Needs Editing


Your image needs editing due to any of the following issues: 

  • Unclear Background
  • Frame
  • border
  • Price
  • Expiry/Manufacturing Date/Watermark/Shadow

- Always use a white background for the first image except for the fashion category where light grey backgrounds are recommended.

- Don’t include borders around your product image.

- Images must not contain price information or warranty-related information.


- Images should not contain the manufacturing date or expiry date.

- Images should not contain watermarks, seller names, or seller logos.

- Hard shadows or hard reflection should be eliminated from the primary image.

Trust Symbols ( Energy Star).



Light, believable shadows are allowed.



     No price tag is added.



No expiry date reflected


No warranty reveals. 



              No boarders


Watermark/Logos are not allowed



Hard Shadow on primary images are not allowed


Price tags or any price-related information is not allowed 


Product image should not have the visibility of expiry date


Any reference related to warranty information is not allowed



 Image must not include borders


Image - Broken Images


An image could be broken for a number of reasons. For example, it might not be named properly, or the URL which is provided is not valid, or images have larger file sizes that may prevent uploads.

Hence, it is important to ensure that the product image should meet the technical image requirements and that the provided URL must not be expired.


Image - Need other view


The image must show a clear view of the product being sold. 

If it is found that the uploaded image is not clear enough to recognize the product, then noon reserves the right to reject the product and ask to submit another view of the product for better clarity.


Image - Incorrect sequencing


The standard format for sequencing is as follows:

  1. Front view.
  2. Back view.
  3. Side view.
  4. Any other angles.
  5. Details.
  6. Usage.

It is important to ensure that the primary image should always be a front view of the product and other angles can be uploaded as alternate images as per the order shared above. However, if it is not possible to find the exact angle of the product for alternate images, then try to submit the nearest matching angle for other images.





*Primary image should always display a full front detailed shot of the product . Here, product with in-box accessories is provided as a primary image which should ideally be placed at the end of the images


That's it!


Got any more questions?

Contact us on seller@noon.com.

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