Product packing guidelines - FBN

Product packing guidelines - FBN

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It is extremely important that the following guidelines are followed when preparing your products for transfer to a noon warehouse facility. Products with non-compliant packaging may get rejected and refused entry into our fulfillment centers.

Important Note: Third party carriers must not repack any of the pallets or cartons while in transit.

noon packing guidelines:

  • Individual units:
    • GTIN, ISBN, Partner SKU, Partner Barcode
    • Product Name
    • Product description
    • Every item must have a Partner SKU (PSKU); a unique identification number/code along with clear handling instructions if necessary.
    • Each unit must have an external scannable barcode or QR code along with it's human-readable code. Find out more about noon barcode requirements
    • Each unit must be placed in secure individual packaging. There shouldn't be any loose units 
    • Electronics and other high value items must be shrink-wrapped
    • noon boxes/cartons shouldn't be used to pack items.
    • Foam pillows, full sheets of paper and Bubble sheets can be used as filling materials.
    • Safety wraps should not cover:
    • If items belong to different brands or product types, they should be segregated and packaged separately according to partner SKU (you can only tape items if it’s a bundled offer).
    • Any item that is sold as a set/ bundle, should be labeled as ‘sold as set’ or ‘sold as bundle’.  
    • Any fragile items should have the label “Fragile” on them
    • Loose seal, Tempered seal/heat shrink wraps or overwrapping will be rejected.
    • All cosmetics and fragrances must contain lot numbers.
    • All unauthenticated products will be rejected.
  • Cartons/pallets
    • All items should be packed, and sealed in cartons or pallets
    • Each carton or pallet must have a label indicating its number (for example; CARTON 1, PALLET 1)
    • The partner SKU (PSKU), and the total number of items inside each carton must be mentioned on the carton
    • The number of cartons or units on each pallet must be mentioned on each pallet
    • The ASN number must be mentioned on the carton/pallet
    • The expiry date of all health & beauty, and food & beverage products must be shared with each batch 
    • Each carton must only contain products that have the same partner SKU (PSKU). The PSKU and quantity inside each carton must be mentioned on the carton containing the items 

On the Advance Shipping Note (ASN):

Each ASN should clearly indicate:
  • Total number of pallets
  • Total number of cartons
  • Total number of units

Attach to each ASN a document that states the carton or pallet number along with the total number of units inside them. 


Pallet 1 - 300 units

Pallet 2 - 400 units

Pallet 1 - 500 units in Carton 1, 2, and 3

If you're only shipping cartons, then Carton 1 - 50 units, Carton 2 - 60 units, etc.

All items in that transfer and their respective cartons in which they have been placed.

Important! In the event of shipping grocery items, attach a list of all the items with their expiry dates, and batch numbers.

Fashion products

Security tags should be removed, and sewing/swing tags should be visible in the packaging (in the absence of a sewing tag, fashion items should have a tag that provides the size and product details).
Not-necessary price tags should be removed prior to supply.

Products of every assortment type, such as size or color, must have a unique barcode & Partner SKU

Example: A shirt that comes in different colors & sizes should have a partner SKU that identifies each combination of color & size - Partner SKUs of Blue Small should be different from Blue Medium, Blue Large, etc.

 Product shelf-life

The shelf life of FBN products, if applicable, should be a minimum of one year.
The shelf life of B2B products should be met as per below guidelines.
  • Cosmetic items – expiry if applicable should be over 1 year
  • Health & Nutrition– expiry if applicable should be over 1 year
  • Personal Care body products– expiry if applicable should be at least 8 months
  • Food & Beverages – expiry should be at least 6 months


Product segregation should be done based on the below criteria:


  • EDT/EDP segregation
  • Size segregation (75ML, 100ML, 150ML)
  • Department (MEN / WOMEN)
  • Brand

Make Up

  • Lips - Model number/color
  • Eyes - Model number/color
  • Face - Model number/color
  • Nails - Model number/color
  • Brushes & Applicators - Model number/color
  • Nail Care - Model number/color

Hair Care

  • Department (MEN/WOMEN)
  • Size (75ML, 100ML, 150ML)
  • Brand
  • Model

Skin Care

  • Model number, size, color & department

Tools & Brushes

  • Model number, size, color & department

Personal Care

  • Model number, size, color & department


  • Model Number, Size, Color & Department
    •   EX: Cartridges/razor blade refills should be segregated Model Number, Size, Color & Department wise if the ASN contains more than one SKU for similar products.

Health & Nutrition

  • Model Number, Size, Color & Department
  • Expiry if applicable should be over 1 year


  • Do not mix similar looking items
  • Jewelry types; ex: Rings (by style & color), chains (size, color, style) 
  • Department


  • Size (S,M,L, XL/8,10,12,14,)
  • Style
  • Color
  • Department
  • All security tags should be removed

Electronic & Mobile


  • Mobiles
    • Color segregation
    • Model Name/Model Number segregation
    • Internal Memory (64GB, 256GB etc.)
  • Laptops & IT Accessories
    • Color 
    • Model name/number 
    • Internal memory (500 GB, 1T)
    • Storage (RAM/HDD)
    • Screen size
    • Processor (intel/Core)
    • Processor type (Celero /Core i5 etc.)
    • Connector (wireless/Bluetooth)
  • Headphones & Earphones
    • Color, model number,
    • Connectivity (wireless/Bluetooth/wired)
    • Brand name
  • Video Games
    • Model Number, Version, Size,
    • Platform 
  • Televisions
    • Screen size, color, model number, brand 
  • Home Appliances
    • Model number, color 
  • Speakers
    • Model number, color 
  • Cameras
    • Model number, color 
  • Smartwatches and Accessories
    • Model number, color, brand
  • Tablets
    • Model number, color, brand
  • ebook Readers & Accessories
    • Model number, color, brand



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