Quality Control Guidelines for DirectShipping

Quality Control Guidelines for DirectShipping

Following the quality control guidelines are essential for ensuring customer satisfaction in DirectShipping. This guide clearly outlines the standards and requirements that our sellers must follow to guarantee the delivery of authentic, high-quality products in perfect condition.

Quality Assurance Requirements

Sellers are required to adhere strictly to Noon's quality assurance criteria throughout the packing and preparation phase to uphold the highest standards: These include:
  • Ensure the product matches the listed brand, model, color, size, and barcode.

  • Maintain intact and sealed external packaging.

  • Submit a photo of the item in its original packaging via the DirectShip app.

  • Avoid deviations such as poor condition, inauthenticity, or incorrect product matching to prevent quality assurance failure.

Common Mistakes in Product Preparation

Several common errors can occur during product preparation, leading to quality assurance failures. These include:

•  Wrong Brand/Content: Products must match exactly what the customer ordered; substitutions or replacements are unacceptable. If out of stock, the seller should either cancel the order or notify seller support.

•   Wrong Model: It's critical to avoid packing an incorrect model, as variations in configuration, size, or other properties lead to mismatches with the customer’s order.

•   Damaged Packing: The condition of the product's packaging is paramount. Any form of damage, such as tears, dents, or dirt, is unacceptable.

   Damaged Seal: The integrity of a product’s seal is essential. A broken seal suggests prior use or opening, which is not acceptable.

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