Reports & Analytics Comprehensive Overview

Reports & Analytics Comprehensive Overview

Understanding Your Sales

  1.  About the Sales View: Start here to get a grasp of your sales overview. This article introduces you to the sales dashboard where you can access comprehensive sales views, filter sales data by item status, and get consolidated insights into your product sales. It further explains how to check commission details, view real-time statuses of items, manage pending Noon payments, and utilize search functions for better sales tracking and analysis.
  1.  Analytics Dashboard and Product Insights: Elevate your selling strategy by understanding and optimizing your performance through Noon's analytical tools. This article will focus on two dashboards: Analytics Dashboard and Product Insights. Analytics Dashboard — which breaks down crucial business metrics like Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and conversion rates — and the Product Insights dashboard that shines a light on trends, pricing competitiveness, and inventory levels.
  1. Understanding the Product Listing ad Analytics Dashboard: This concise guide empowers sellers to utilize dashboard analytics for optimizing ad campaigns on Noon. It highlights the importance of monitoring key performance indicators—Gross Sales, Revenue, Ad Spend, ROI, Views, and Clicks—to refine advertising strategies, enhance understanding of market trends, and elevate sales efficiency.

Financial Reports and Insights

  1. Deep dive into the Consolidated Item Level Fees Report to understand the specifics of item-level fees. This guide clarifies the costs associated with selling on Noon, from commissions to handling fees.
  1. Understanding the New Statement Detail Report to stay on top of your finances with detailed statements. This article offers insights into fees and payments at both item and shipment levels. 
  2.  Where Can I Find a Report with All My VAT Invoices?: Discover how to effortlessly locate and download VAT invoice summaries for your orders via Seller Lab. This article clarifies Noon's role in generating invoices for customers and providing sellers with necessary copies for VAT submissions to the UAE government, ensuring compliance and ease of financial management.

Inventory Management

  1. Non-Saleable Recommended RTV Report: Discover how to handle non-saleable inventory that's been in Noon fulfillment centers for over a month to avoid storage fees. This article guides you on accessing the RTV (Return to Vendor) report, a crucial tool for tracking such inventory for potential retrieval.
  1. Saleable Recommended RTV Report: Learn to identify stock incurring long-term storage fees by being in Noon's fulfillment centers beyond the permissible period. This piece details how to access and use the RTV report to manage and retrieve items timely, highlighting its significance in preventing unnecessary costs and maintaining efficient inventory and storage fee management.
  1. Start interpreting and understanding FBN and Cross dock B2B Received Reports to gain insights into stock received by Noon, whether through Cross-dock B2B or the FBN model, and how to navigate the associated reports. This guide helps sellers track inventory received and manage quality control issues effectively. 
  1. New Inventory Ledger Reports (Summary and Detailed View): Explore the tool designed for managing FBN inventory efficiently, providing both a summary and detailed view of stock movements within Noon's fulfillment centers. Tailored specifically for items sold on Noon and excluding subsidiaries.
  1. FBN Inventory Detail Report: Dive deeper into FBN inventory. This article guides you through understanding detailed reports of both saleable and non-saleable inventory in Noon's fulfillment centers.
  1. Understand the Stock Replenishment Report: Never run out of stock. Learn how to use the stock replenishment report to keep your best-sellers always available.



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