Returnless Refund for Directship sellers

Returnless Refund for Directship sellers

This article discusses the concept of Returnless Refunds offered by Noon, particularly for sellers using the Fulfilled by Partner (FBP) program. Returnless Refunds are a unique approach that allows sellers to reimburse customers for incorrect or damaged orders without the need for item returns. This piece will explore the benefits, guidelines, and process of issuing Returnless Refunds.

Benefits of Returnless Refunds

  • Saves time and resources on processing returns.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction by simplifying the refund process.
  • Boosts seller ratings on Noon.
  • Increases customer loyalty and repeat purchases.
  • Demonstrates seller flexibility and customer-centric policies.
  • Attracts potential new customers.

Guidelines for Returnless Refunds

  • 48-hour window to issue a refund after a return request.
  • Once issued, item return cannot be requested.
  • Not eligible for dispute claims.

How to Issue a Returnless Refund 

1. Issuing Full Refund

·         To issue a full refund, follow these simple steps:

·         On the Customer Return Dashboard, search for or locate the Return ID, either by scanning the QR code or entering the AWB manually in the search bar. Then, click on 'Issue Refund.'

·         On the next page, select the check box for 'Issue a Full Refund' and click 'Submit Refund.' This action initiates a full refund for the product, which will be processed back to the customer.

·         On the next page select the check box Issue a Full Refund and then click on Submit Refund. A full  refund for the product will be initiated and will be processed back to the customer.

 2. Issuing Partial Refund

·         The initial step is similar to the Full Refund process described above.

·         On the Customer Return Details page, you can enter the amount agreed with the customer in the 'Refund Amount' tab and click 'Submit Refund.'

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