Saleable Recommended RTV Report

Saleable Recommended RTV Report

noon enforces a Long Term Storage Fee on inventory stored in our FBN warehouse in UAE or KSA for over 12 months or inventory stored in our FBN warehouse in Egypt for over 6 months. To prevent these charges, timely retrieval of ageing stock before the respective time limit is crucial. The 'Saleable Recommended RTV report' facilitates the identification of such stock, streamlining the process to request its retrieval and evade the storage fee. Details of the report are as follows.

 How to access this report?

Accessing this report is a very easy and simpler procedure. All you have to do it follow the simple steps given below.
Step 1: Click on Reports button on the Navigation bar on Seller Lab. Click on Custom Report and then click on Generate report.

Step 2: Now select the Saleable Recommended RTV report from the list of reports available in the drop down.

Step 3: Select the date for which you want to extract the report. Once you made the necessary selection click on  Generate export.

Note: The report doesn't reflect real-time data. It reflects the closing stock
quantity of the previous day (recorded at 11:59 pm); which is the quantity that's
still available in noon fulfillment center up to the previous day.

Step 4: Once the report is processed you can click on view option to view the report or click on view history option to check the download history of the report.

Step 5: Once you click on view option, you will find the option to download the report

Step 6: An excel file will be downloaded as below.

Explanation of the columns in the sheet:

Download header


Example value


The date till which the data is updated

Previous day's date


Noon SKU or ZSKU



Product barcode



Title of the product

Iphone 14pro


Brand of the product



The dimensions of the longest side of a single unit of the item (in centimeters)



The dimensions of the side of a single unit (in centimeters) of the item that is neither the longest nor the shortest. The Inventory Storage Fee is charged by volume in cubic feet, which equals the longest side x median side x shortest side. These often correspond to the length, width, and height of an item



The dimensions of the shortest side of a single unit (in centimeters) of the item



The item's weight used to identify its product-size tier. This can be the item's unit weight or dimensional weight, depending on the item. (we can take the larger value)  (in kilograms)



The Inventory Storage Fee is charged per volume in cubic feet, which equals the longest side x median side x shortest side. These often correspond to the length, width, and height of an item. (in cubic feet)



It refers to the overall size of an item which is calculated by multiplying longest, median, and shortest side and dividing by 5000



Classification of the item by its dimensions for purposes of calculating fees

Standard-sized or Oversize


Country of the noon warehouse



Warehouse where the inventory is stored



Type of the warehouse



It refers to the net stock inventory after reducing the pending rtv removal qty5


This is the inventory that has aged at least:

-12 months from ASN in UAE or KSA noon warehouse.

- 6 months from ASN in Egypt noon warehouse.



That's it 


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