Secure File Transfer Protocol Activation

Secure File Transfer Protocol Activation

Price and stock management have just become much easier. noon offers you assistance with the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), an automation tool to securely transfer any price and stock quantity updates made on your company systems directly into your noon store. This article provides details about the benefits of using the SFTP and how to set it up in order to ensure accurate and effortless price and stock updates at the frequency that is convenient for you.

How will the SFTP help me?

With the help of the SFTP you will sync your system data related to product prices and stocks with your noon store. Meaning, any price or stock updates you make on your company's system, will reflect on your products in your noon store. The noon SFTP offers your the following benefits:
  • Completely self-serve tool, no more manual updates, or uploads of price and stock files.
  • 100% accuracy of data as it's an automated tool that directly uses data extracted from your systems.
  • Completely eliminates human mistakes as the data will be transferred to noon and processed systematically. 
  • Gives you a centralized control of inventory, and spares you the time and effort of making updates on several platforms (your online store, noon, and any other platforms you use to sell your products).
  • The SFTP helps you to effortlessly keep competitive prices according to your pricing strategy at any given time.
  • Reduces order cancellations due to unavailability of stock. 

What do I need to start using the SFTP?

You need an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or a cloud based software that is used by your company to integrate its processes related to sales, inventory, etc.
How do I get started?

Easy! If your company uses an ERP or a cloud based system already, you'll start using the noon SFTP in no more than a week. Here's how:

  1. Kick-off meeting: we'll set up a meeting to introduce our simple process of data transfer, and to help you understand your role and responsibilities in it.
  2. SFTP set-up: your IT team should set-up the SFTP connection according to the steps that we will share. They will enable a connection with the noon IP addresses, and create a one-time code to create a file for the data transfer according to noon's file template.
  3. Testing the connection and data transfers: both noon and your IT team will run a couple of tests to verify the success of the connection and data transfers. noon will monitor the data files for a period of one week to ensure that the tool is functioning properly.

What is the estimated time to enable and set up the SFTP Automation tool?

Project kick-off meeting1 daySeller team and noon Team 
FTP setup1-5 daysSeller IT
Testing connection and file transfer1 day

noon IT and Seller IT




That's it!


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