Seller Buyer Messaging Service

Seller Buyer Messaging Service

This article provides an in-depth look at Seller Buyer Messaging Service, this service facilitates direct communication between sellers and customers regarding return requests, enhancing the return management process through Seller Lab.

 1. When to contact the customer?

The Seller Buyer Messaging Service allows you to:
  • Offer technical support for product function-related returns, reducing return rates.
  • Collect extra details from customers to better comprehend their return requests.
  • Communicate and offer full or partial refunds without the need for the physical return, building trust and enhancing marketplace reputation.
Note: you must obtain the customer consent via a message before issuing a returnless refund.

2.How to contact the customer?

To initiate a conversation with a customer about their return request, follow these steps:
  • Log into Seller Lab.
  • In the sidebar menu, select "Fulfilled by Partner."
  • Locate the Return ID, which you received via email.
  • Carefully examine the return reason, any images uploaded, and other customer-provided details to understand their concerns and the return's nature.
  • Click "Contact Customer" to open the messaging page and begin the conversation.

3. Addressing non-responsive customers:

For non-responsive customers, you must proceed with the recommended actions for each respective messaging reason as listed in the table below.


Recommended Action

Returnless Refund

After sending the message to the customer and receiving their consent, process the refund using the "Issue Refund" option.

Support & Troubleshooting

If the customer does not reply or cancels the return request, there is a possibility that you will receive the item. In such a case, proceed with the return using the available information.

Additional Information

Proceed with the return using the available information and carefully assess the details provided by the customer, such as the return reason, uploaded images, and any relevant notes.

 4. Reporting inappropriate conversations

Reporting an inappropriate conversation will disable messaging and prompt an investigation by noon's support team. Report options include spam, rude behavior, misinformation, communication issues, or an "other" category. False reporting may impact the selling account. Customers also have the option to report conversations, leading to similar actions from noon's support team.

Note: It's important to report conversations only if you're sure they need investigation by noon's team. Reporting inaccurately can have negative consequences for your selling account.

5.Seller Buyer Messaging service guidelines - Do's and Don'ts

To effectively use the Seller Buyer Messaging service for handling return requests, sellers should adhere to these guidelines:

  • Avoid Unnecessary Follow-Ups:
  • Don't send follow-up messages if the customer doesn't respond. Instead, refer to the recommended actions for each return category in section 3.
  • Send Purposeful Messages:
  • Avoid generic messages like "Hi" or "How are you?". Ensure messages are meaningful and directly related to the return request.
  • No Marketing or Promotional Content:
  • Do not include marketing or promotional content (like coupons or offers) in return communications. Focus solely on the return request.
  • Don't Incentivize Positive Reviews:
  • Avoid language that encourages positive product reviews or seller feedback. This includes not offering compensation, discounts, or benefits for positive reviews.
  • Refrain from Review Manipulation:
  • Do not ask customers to remove or update existing product reviews. Keep return communication separate from review discussions.
  • Restrict Content in Messages:
  • Ensure messages are free from sensitive or offensive content, personal contact details, external links, and attachments, unless necessary to resolve the return request.

6. Frequently Asked Questions 

In this section, we provide answers to frequently asked questions related to the Seller Buyer Messaging Service:

Q: Can Sellers opt out from using Seller Buyer Messaging Service?

Yes, noon allows sellers to opt out of using the messaging service. 

Q: How do I find messages that I have not responded to?

By default, you will see messages requiring a response when you navigate to the Customer Returns page. Each return will have a “Contact Customer” button with the number of new messages.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of messages I can send each day?

No. You can send as many messages as requested to resolve the return request.

Q: Why does noon retain a record of Seller-Buyer messages sent through the service?

By maintaining a record of messages between buyer and seller, we can resolve disputes faster by ensuring that noon’s Dispute team has access to all communications when reviewing claims.

Q: As a seller, can I contact other sellers?

No. As a seller, you can’t contact another seller, Seller Buyer Messaging Service only allows you to contact customers who placed a return for an item purchased from you.

Q :How do I report a message from a customer?

To report a message, click “Report This Conversation” on your Seller Buyer Messages page. Then select the appropriate reason for reporting. Once a message is reported, the messaging service will be disabled and our team will investigate the report and take the appropriate action. 

Q: How do customers distinguish between messages sent by sellers from noon?

Your messages to a Customer will have your seller name against every message you send.

Q: What languages can I expect to receive messages in?

Generally, you may receive messages in English and Arabic.

Q: How can I understand messages in a language I'm not familiar with?

If you receive messages in a language you don't understand, you can use online translation tools to accurately interpret the content. These tools can assist you in translating the messages into a language you are more comfortable with.

Q: Can I send attachments to customers

Yes, you can only send images up to 1 GB  for messages sent from the service. You can send one or more attachments (up to 1 GB) in your replies to a Customer's message. customers can also send one or more attachments (up to 1 GB). The following formats are supported: Image files (.jpg, .jpeg, and .png)

7. Messaging templates - Quick response guide for you

You can use these templates and respond to the customer based on your decision for the customer return request. 


Response template

Returnless refund

Hello (Customer name),


We wanted to offer you a convenient resolution for your return request. Instead of going through the trouble of returning the item, we'd like to provide you with a returnless refund. This means you'll receive a {refund-amount} without having to return the product back to us. Is this ok with you?


Thank you

Best regards,

Support & Troubleshooting

Hello (Customer name),


We understand that you may have encountered some confusion or technical issues with the item, and we would like to provide troubleshooting guidance or technical assistance to help address the issues you're facing.

{Suggest the technical help you think is suitable for the customer issue}

If we are able to successfully address your concerns and provide the necessary assistance, we kindly request you to consider canceling the return request. If you still wish to return the item please feel free to do so.


Thank you

Best regards,

Additional Information

Hello (Customer name),


We have received your return request], and we would like to kindly request some additional details to process your return efficiently. Could you please provide us with more information about the reason for the return and any specific issues you may have encountered with the item? If possible, include images to  help us in assessing the return request accurately.


Thank you

Best regards,


That’s it!


Got questions?

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