Setting your Contact Preferences

Setting your Contact Preferences

Staying updated with the latest e-commerce news and developments, particularly those related to your performance, is vital for success. Our user-friendly contact preference option allows you to easily customize your contact email ID and language preferences across various operational domains. This ensures you receive targeted email communication specific to each domains (areas of operation), enriching your knowledge base for optimal business performance.

In this article, we will discuss the following topics:

- How to Setup your Contact Preferences?
- Types of Emails You Will Receive by Domain

How To Setup Your Contact Preferences?

In this section, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of setting up your contact preference for different domains.

- Login to the Seller Lab and the click on Edit Store Details. 

- In the next page, scroll down and under the Contact Preferences section, click on Add Preferences

- A pop-up will appears, where you can select the Domain for which you want to set-up your preference.

- Then, select the Contact Type, which by default is Email.

- Enter the email ID you wish to add as preference, and select your Preferred Language.

- Then click on Submit. 

1. There's a limit to the number of contacts per domain; exceeding this may cause an error.
2. At least one email ID is required per domain, and duplicating emails for the same 
domain is not permitted.
3. Adding or deleting any contact will trigger an email notification 
to the respective email address.
4. Contact preferences are only for receiving domain-specific emails and do not grant 
access to Seller Lab.

- Your preferred contact will be added to the respective domain, and you can choose to Update the details or Delete the contact from the domain. If only one email ID linked to a domain, it is not permitted to delete it. 

Types Of Emails You Will Receive By Domain

Each domain is accompanied by a description outlining the managed activities. You can carefully review this information and then adjust the contact preferences within your organization for that specific domain.

The table below presents the list of all the domains and the email content you would receive, enabling you to designate the appropriate responsible person in the contact preferences.


Domain NameEmail Content 
  • Account and Warehouse status
  • Commercial Registration and VAT-related information
  • Fees and Policy updates
  • Penalties and potential charges 
  • Weekly payment information 
  • Negative balance notifications or outsranding loans
  • Payment failure and updates about bank details
  • Listing related updates
  • Non-live offers notifications 
  • Gating issues, banned or duplicate listings
Customer Communication
  • DirectShip Customer returns
  • Product related queries
  • Warranty claims
  • Updates in the warranty process

Pricing, Deals and Promotion

  • Upcoming deals and promotion campaigns 
  • Price drops and competitiveness
Order Related
  • New orders updates 
  • Confirmation of FBP orders.
noon Ads
  • noon ads solutions 
  • Performance of advertising campaigns
Seller Support
  • Queries
  • Complaints
  • Requests 


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