The Noon Sales Promise

The Noon Sales Promise

noon will make the following commitment for every sale made via the marketplace:

For every sale dispatched from noon's warehouse we will provide two guaranteed return due dates.

If either of these due dates elapse without the item being returned to noon's warehouse noon will be subject to a penalty fee. This will increase over time in increments of 5 business days up to 100% of the value of the item. 

In the event of an undeliverable sale if the item is not returned by the due date noon will pay the full value of the item net of fees in the next statement. 

Please note the sales promise is only applicable for partners that have migrated to the new stock request flow. Please contact your account manager or noon seller support for more information on how to do this.

Return due dates

There will be two return due dates. One will be the due date if we are unable to deliver the item to the end customer. The second will be the due date if the customer initiates a return after delivery of the item. The latter due date will be 10 business days longer to allow time for noon's customer return policy.

Please note that these due dates are all calculated on the basis of business days and may be extended in the event of public holidays.

These dates will be defined by the service level applicable for the item

 Service LevelUndeliverable Return Due DateCustomer Return Due Date
 LegacyNot applicableNot applicable
Standard20 days30 days
Difficult25 days35 days

You should not try to record a sale as part of the transfer of goods from your warehouse to noon's. The sale is only final at the time of dispatch from noon's warehouse

The Legacy service level is applied to all orders that were accepted & fulfilled before the implementation of the new Sales Promise.

Payment for undeliverable items

If your sale is not delivered to the customer and the undeliverable due date has passed, noon will issue a payment to you for the full value of the item net of any applicable fees. This will be reflected in your next statement.


Return of your items and the penalty structure

All service levels and promises are based on the shipment and return of items from noon's warehouse.

Once either of the due dates has elapsed noon will incur a penalty fee that increases every 5 business days up to the full value of the item.

If noon subsequently returns an item after the due date we will debit the payment from your account excluding the penalty as a % of the item value. At that point partners will have the item along with a penalty fee as compensation.

For the exact penalty structure percentages for your category please contact noon seller support.


That’s it!


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