Title Requirements and Rejection Reasons for the Seller SKU

Title Requirements and Rejection Reasons for the Seller SKU

The title is one of the most prominent and important parts of the product listing. It is considered as a key factor for ensuring a positive customer experience. A specific and accurate product title can drive valuable leads to the listing, on the other hand poorly structured titles can have a negative impact on the customer’s buying experience.

Product Title Requirements

To improve your title quality, it is strongly recommended to adhere to the following title guidelines in order to avoid any rejection from noon quality check team.

Important tips to avoid any rejections, make sure that your title follow the below standards:

  • Concise, well written, and easy to read.
  • Describe the product's top features while being as short as possible.
  • Unique; and not resembling with any other products.
  • Contain product type/sub-type, such as Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, etc.
  • Title should be between 5 and 200 characters longs. 

Title should not include the below:

  • Special characters (e.g.  @, ^, *,#, &, etc.).
  • CAPS, only capitalize the first letter of each word except for prepositions, conjunctions, or articles.
  • Include promotional phrases, prices, shipping options, or irrelevant search keywords.
  • Prohibited, banned, or restricted words.
  • Spell errors and should be grammatically correct.
  • Repetitive words.
  • Brand name.

Good and Bad Titles with Examples

This table shows examples of good and bad titles, with comments on what was done to turn each bad title into a good one:

IssueExplanationBad TitleGood Title
Product Type MissingTitle must contain product identifying information.

Here, the product name “Washing Machine” is missing in the title.
Fully Automatic Front Loading 9 kg WW90K6410QX/GU Silver.Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine 9 kg WW90K6410QX/GU Silver.
Camel Casing Not FollowedDo not use ALL CAPS, only capitalize the first letter of each word except for prepositions, conjunctions, or articles.1. 75-INCH 4K UHD SMART LED TV UA75TU8000 BLACK

2. Godzilla King Of The Monster Action Figure.
1. 75-Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV UA75TU8000 Black.

* You may use all-caps text if it is appropriate (for example, acronyms like UAE, HP, LED … etc.).

2. Godzilla King of the Monster Action Figure.

* Non Principal words (prepositions, conjunctions, articles) should not be capitalized.
Contains Special CharactersTitles should not include any special characters (e.g. @, ^, *,#, & … etc.).Portable Air Conditioner @ 1 Ton ^ Rotary Compressor Cmatic-12C1 Off White.Portable Air Conditioner 1 Ton With Rotary Compressor Cmatic-12C1 Off White.
Contains repetitive wordsTitles should not contain any repetitive words.Gold Color Beaded Design Table Cover Gold.Beaded Design Table Cover Gold.
Missing Product FeaturesTitles should describe the product's top features while being as short as possible.Steamer HST1500.Handheld Portable Garment Steamer 1500 W HST1500 Black.
Avoid Keyword StuffingOnly mention important features in the title and extra information related to the product can be added in the feature bullets.Premium Care Diapers, Size 6, 13+ kg, The Softest Diaper and the Best Skin Protection, Wider Sides for Comfort, 36 Baby Diapers.Premium Care Diapers, Size 6, 13+ kg, 36 Count.
Title Too longThe title must not exceed 160 characters.Power Sound Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Power Bank, HD Sound Clarity, 10m Transmission Range, Handsfree Audio, Built-in Microphone, Built-in FM, Universal Compatibility- Bluetooth/ microSD Card/ USB Drive/ AUX, Rugged Design, Clip Tag Silver.

*Here, too many features have been mentioned in the title making the title too long.
Power Sound BTS-102 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Silver.
Title Too ShortThe title should not be less than 20 characters.

Add some unique features of the product in the title so that it should maintain the minimum character limit criteria.
Football Jacket.Juventus Football Club Tiro Presentation Track Jacket White.


Common Listing Errors

In the below table, you can find the most common errors made while submitting the titles resulting in rejections by noon quality check team. The explanation is given against each rejection reason which can be referred to fix the rejected SKUs.

Rejection ReasonExplanationExample
Title - Mismatches with the Attributes/DescriptionProduct information mentioned in the title should be identical to the information entered in the specifications, feature bullets and long description.


High Waist Polyester Leggings Black



Made of high quality cotton material


Material information provided in the title mismatches with the information mentioned in specifications and highlights

Title - Word Repetition

The title must not contain repetitive words (same words). Also, it is to be noted that title concatenation attributes must not be mentioned while forming titles as it can lead to data repetition.

What is Title concatenation?

noon identifies some attributes as per product type that is important to be a part of the product title and place the values of those attributes in the title
As an example, In the apparel category, the color name is auto picked by the value submitted under attribute “color name” and gets concatenated on the product display page at the end of the title.

Title Submitted

Black Floral Tie-Up Neckline Mini Dress.

Title Formed

On Front - end - Black Floral Tie-Up Neckline Mini Dress Black.


Repetition of black color in the product title due to title concatenation rule applied for attribute “color name” which is auto-added as a suffix in front end.

Title - Mismatch with Image/ContentImages must accurately represent the product and should depict the actual product being described in the product title.

It is important to ensure that images uploaded for a product must not conflict with the other image variants and with the information provided in the product title as well as the description part.

Example 1:


Pack of 5 Heavy-Duty Carton Box.


4 Carton Boxes are being shown in the image instead of 5.


Mismatch of Pack information mentioned in a title vs quantity being shown on the image.

Example 2:


Super Saiyan Goku Action Figure.


Iron Man Action figure is uploaded as Image.


Mismatch of comic figure provided in the title vs the figure being shown on the image.

Title - Formatting/Spelling/Grammatical ErrorTitles should not contain any misspelled words and they should be well formatted such as text shouldn’t be in ALL CAPS, Bold and it shouldn’t contain any special characters.

It is to be noted that certain appropriate text can be written in all capital letters such as acronyms like HP, LED, UHD, etc. Also, components like product series must be mentioned in the same way as the brand advertise them.

Example 1 (Misspelled Words):


6-Peice Dream Galaxy Design Bedding Set.


Wrong Spelling of Piece.

Example 2 (Formatting Error):


GALAXY ACTIVE 2 Watch 44mm Aluminum Aqua Black.


- Product series (Galaxy Active) must be written in camel casing as followed by brand. 


That's it!


Got any more questions?

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