Understand the stock replenishment report

Understand the stock replenishment report

You can better manage your inventory and meet our customers’ demand with the help of the FBN Eligible Items report. This real-time optimization tool identifies SKUs to replenish, assesses future demand, and recommends quantities to restock based on the historical sales data of your products.

With the information offered in this report, you can keep inventory quantities in stock that will allow you to limit overstocking & tied-capital, and avoid being out of stock as well as long term storage fees.

Important Note: Use this report to directly create FBN ASNs that will instantly
get approved and speed-up your stock replenishment.

Accessing the Report

- On Seller Lab, click IN (Intel)
- Click Generate Report

- Select FBN Eligible Items & click Generate Selection


 Use the FBN Eligible Items Report to create ASNs 

After you download the FBN Eligible Items report, you can base your stock replenishment decision on the recommended values in the Required Replenishment QTY column. Then add the quantities you wish to transfer to noon in the QTY column.

Finally, upload your updated document in CSV format to Seller Lab and schedule your transfer.

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Report Terms Index:

Column Name


Partner SKU

 The PSKU code created by the partner for a particular product.

Partner Barcode

 The barcode of a specific product, that was provided by the partner. Barcodes are mandatory, and inventory    inbounding relies on scanning the products' barcodes.


The category of the product


The brand of the product


The name of the product


The Noon system generated SKU which is linked to each product listed by a partner

Sales Rank

The following badges indicate items that have historically had a high number of revenue and sales, grouped based on family and country:

  1. High Value: Product which has a high amount of revenue in the family

  2. Top Selling: Product which has a high amount of revenue  and units sold in the family 

  3. Null: Product meets none of the above criteria

Product Type

The type of product, based on dimensions and weight:

Sort items: within 30 cm and weight less than 25 KG

Non-sort: any side of the product greater than 30 cm and weight greater than 25 KG

Is Eligible

Whether the item is eligible for FBN inbounding or not


This is where the partner adds the number of units they wish to transfer to noon for sale via FBN. 

Required Replenishment Quantity

This column provides replenishment recommendations by noon based on the historical sales data of each SKU. Partners can refer to the Required Replenishment Quantity column to identify fast/slow moving items, and replenish according to our customers demand


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