Warranty Requirements

Warranty Requirements

 noon’s success is grounded in our commitment to business integrity and in our consistent implementation of high standards in our service. Providing a product warranty is a promise that assures our customers that the product can be fixed in case it has any defects.

Product warranty is also is a legal requirement for certain categories such as electronics and electric appliances in the UAE and KSA, and failing to provide it leads to sanctions imposed by the local authorities.

Warranty legal requirements per country:

  • KSA: two (2) years warranty for electronics and electric appliances and machines.
  • UAE: one (1) year warranty for electronics and electric appliances and machines.

Why it is important for products to have a warranty?

A warranty reflects a company's goodwill and confidence in their products. Offering a warranty to our customers serves as a reassurance that reduces their doubts about the quality of your products, and builds your reputation as a reliable brand. 

How can I update my products' warranty on Seller Lab?

1. In Catalog,
2. Click Partner Catalog 


3. Search for your product using the search bar to update its warranty

4. Or select it directly on your catalog page


 5. On the product page, click Offer. In the Warranty field, choose the accurate warranty period that is relevant to your product.


Once done, make sure to click Save Changes so that your warranty updates appear on your product page on the noon platform.

How can our customers claim their product warranty?

Customers will always have the option to return the items back to noon for warranty claims, and the seller is responsible for addressing their claims. 
Warranty claim process:
  • Sellers will be notified by noon whenever a customer submits a warranty claim.
  • noon will deliver the item to the seller for repair, and will pick it up from their location when fixed.
  • Sellers have to repair the item within fourteen (14) business days. 
  • Sellers must always provide a technical report stating the repair status when handing over the item to noon, and over email if requested.

That's it!

Got any more questions?

Contact us on seller@noon.com

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