What is FBN Inventory Dashboard?

What is FBN Inventory Dashboard?

The FBN Inventory Dashboard gives sellers visibility on their saleable and non-saleable FBN (Fulfilled by noon) inventory stored in noon warehouses. This article explains how you can use the FBN Inventory Dashboard to manage and track of your FBN inventory.

How can I access the FBN Inventory Dashboard?

In Seller Lab, click the three lines on the top left corner of the screen, select Fulfilled by Noon and then click Inventory.

This view will provide you with a summary of your saleable and non-saleable inventory stored in our warehouses. You can choose to filter products by warehouse, and you can use the search bar to search for your products using their PSKU (partner SKU), SKU/The Seller SKU (ZSKU) or Pbarcode (partner barcode).

Also, you can sort your inventory in ascending or descending order by clicking on either the All, saleable or non-saleable column from the inventory dashboard.


What type of information does the FBN inventory Dashboard provide?

You'll find the summary of your overall FBN saleable and non-saleable items, and a detailed breakdown reflecting the quantities of saleable and non-saleable items per SKU.

Overall saleable and non-saleable summary:

This dashboard gives a complete overview of the inventory available in the saleable or non-saleable stock.

Saleable quantities breakdown per SKU:

The saleable quantity filter only displays information of SKUs that have passed the quality check that takes place upon receiving items in the noon warehouse, and that are ready to be sold to customers.

Additional information is available under the Saleable tab:

  • Dimensions: provides volumetric measurement of the item and its size classification. You can also view fee estimation for the SKU charged by noon by clicking on the view fees option.
  • Inventory type: indicates whether the stock is saleable or non-saleable.
  • Warehouse: specifies the noon warehouse where the inventory is stored.
  • Saleable: displays the quantity of saleable stock of a particular SKU in the selected warehouse.
  • Total Stock: total stock available in the given warehouse for a particular SKU.

Non-Saleable quantities breakdown per SKU:

The non-saleable quantity filter shows information for all SKUs that failed the quality check that takes place upon receiving them in the noon warehouse. These items cannot be sold to customers.

Additional information can be found under the Non-Saleable tab:

You will be viewing information similar that of the saleable tab except 2 changes as listed below:

  • Inventory type (exact reason for SKU being non-saleable): Under the non-saleable tab it show the SKU details and the inventory type to which the SKU belong.  Please refer to the tables below.

Inventory type

DamagedWill be cleared in reconciliation.
ExpiredAuto RTV will be created
ASN  Inbound QC failed

Create a RTV from your side


Create a RTV from your side
Customer Initiated ReturnsCreate a RTV from your side

Non-Delivered Returns

Create a RTV from your side
Other Warehouse team will resolve and put in above-mentioned inventory type.
ResearchingWarehouse team will resolve and put in above-mentioned inventory type.

You will also find the reason code under each inventory type.

Reason codeDescription
extra itemAdditional units received in the inbound PS boxes beyond the scheduled ASN, which were not part of the scheduled ASN
wrong model & contentProduct with wrong model and content.
wrong sizeProduct with wrong size
wrong colorProduct with wrong color
wrong size and colorProduct with wrong size and color
damaged packagingProduct with damaged packaging
damaged productProduct that is physically damaged
wrong productProduct is different from what's physically available.
wrong modelProduct with wrong model
wrong imageProduct with incorrect image
different productProduct is different from what's physically available.
damaged sealProduct with a damaged seal
missing description Product with a missing description
wrong brandProduct under the wrong brand
missing partProduct with missing parts
otherOther reason
expired itemExpired products
different itemProduct is different from what's physically available
used itemProduct which are used
empty shipment Shipment where the entire product box is missing
unidentified productProduct not identified in the catalog
product missingProduct with the primary item missing
accessory part missingProduct with missing accessories or parts

What information is available in View Box Details?

Click on View Box Details to access additional product information on a separate page.

The following table gives a complete explanation of each field seen in the box details page.

Field nameDescription
Reference number
  • For boxes created due to a failed inbound quality check, the ASN number will be displayed.
  • For graded boxes, the purchase item number will be displayed.
Box Created At Date and time when the box was created in noon warehouse.
Box Updated AtDate and time when the box was updated in noon warehouse.
Inventory typeSame as inventory type mentioned in the non-saleable tab.

Same as the visible reason under the table for inventory type.

Warehousenoon warehouse where the box is stored.
GradeGrade given to the item by noon warehouse team.
QC ImagesImages clicked by noon warehouse POC at the time of Quality check.

How can I search or filter for specific SKUs?

You can easily search and filter for a specific SKU based on the PSKU or pbarcode using the search bar under the All and Saleable tab. Along with this you also have an option to filter the SKUs on the basis of Inventory type under the non-saleable tab.

How can I export the FBN inventory Report?

You can easily download your whole inventory across all warehouses at a specific time by clicking on Export.

What is the Inventory Dashboard Help Button ?

The Inventory Dashboard includes a Help button that provides access to relevant articles and allows sellers to submit feedback to improve the user-friendliness of the dashboard.


That's It!


Got any more questions?

Contact us on seller@noon.com.



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