What is FBP Performance Dashboard?

What is FBP Performance Dashboard?

The FBP Performance Dashboard is a tool provided in Seller Lab for sellers to monitor and improve their store's performance. It focuses on order cancellations, offering detailed insights to help reduce them and enhance overall store efficiency. This article delves into the functionalities of this dashboard.

  1. Accessing the FBP Performance Dashboard

To access the FBP Performance Dashboard, open Seller Lab and click on Account Health and Performance, then FBP Performance.

The dashboard displays important information related to your orders in two tabs:

  • Performance

  • Pending

The dashboard allows customization using a date range filter. This enables a comparative analysis of different time periods, displaying metrics like total orders, cancellation percentage, value of canceled orders, week-wise performance, and pending order status percentage.

  1. Overview of Dashboard Tabs: 

The dashboard features two tabs:


This tab offers a comprehensive view of your store's performance, including:

  1. Order Metrics: Total orders, cancellation rate, and value of cancelled orders.

            This data can be filtered by individual warehouses or viewed collectively.

Note: By default, the Performance tab displays the store's performance information for the past 90 days.
However, you can filter the information for a specific date range as per your needs
  1. Weekly Breakdown: Percentage and value of cancelled orders per week.

  1. Cancellation Reasons: A bar graph showing reasons for cancellations, like Seller Rejection, Delay Rejection, and Shipment Lost.

-Seller Rejection: Orders that were rejected by the seller.

-Delay Rejection:  Orders that were automatically rejected by noon due to the delay in processing.

-Shipment Lost: Orders that were packed or scanned but were marked as lost by the seller or by noon due to a delay in the handover.

Note: You can access the items rejected due to seller rejection or delay rejection reason by clicking here.

4. SKU Cancellation Assessment: A pie-chart categorizing SKUs into 'Fair', 'Poor', 'Very Poor', and 'Unassessed' based on cancellation rates.
            There's also an option to filter out certain classifications from the chart.

Please refer to the table below to understand the assessment classification for SKU cancellation rate.

Assessment classification



Any SKU having a cancellation rate for the selected date range that is less than 2.5% will be considered as Fair.


Any SKU having a cancellation rate for the selected date range that is more than 2.5% but less than 5% will be considered as Poor.

Very Poor

Any SKU having a cancellation rate for the selected date range that is more than 5% will be considered as Very Poor.


Any SKU with a total number of orders less than 10 in a selected date range will be considered as Unassessed.

  1. PSKU Details: List of PSKUs with details, cancellation rates, and rating tags, searchable via a search bar.

            There's an additional feature to view a breakdown of cancellation percentages by reason.


The Pending tab includes:

  1. Total Orders Overview: Data on total orders received, filterable by date range, with visual representations in hourly, daily, or monthly formats. 
  1. Order Status Percentage: Displays the status of all pending orders, like Pending, In Progress, and Shipment Generated, in a pie chart.
            Specific statuses can be excluded from the chart.

That’s it!

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