Mahali is a noon initiative that helps local micro-enterprises and micro-entrepreneurs grow their business online by offering them access to millions of customers, the support of the largest logistics team in the region, and a world class team to assist them throughout their selling experience. 

What are the benefits to sell on Mahali?

  • Dedicated Mahali landing page and sale days on
  • Dedicated slots on noon's social media channels to drive awareness
  • Influencer-led marketing support to drive sales and create brand awareness
  • Support with content writing, creation and translation services
  • Support with sales analytics and pricing strategies
  • Tailor-made courses and personalized 6 month mentoring programme, developed in
  • conjunction with noon in-house experts
  • Comprehensive business plan with detailed goals and an action plan on how to achieve them.
  • Monthly reviews of progress
  • Access to relevant functional leaders to support with specific business-related dilemmas, be it business strategy, P&L management, product positioning, pricing strategy or help with marketing
  • 90-minutes onboarding training on e-commerce and seller toolkit

For more information please visit this link

What are the requirements to sell on Mahali?

The following requirements need to be met to qualify for Mahali: 
  • Must have an e-commerce/e-trader license  
  • Must be owned and managed by nationals 
  • Must produce goods locally or distribute local, or non-local, products that can be sold on or noon daily 
  • For micro-businesses or small entrepreneurs only

How is Mahali different from noon? 

Mahali is a noon enterprise catering exclusively to local micro-entrepreneurs and startups to enable them to sell their products and grow their businesses through noon. 

What is Grocery? 

Grocery is noon’s next-day grocery delivery service. 

What if I am already selling on noon? 

You cannot avail of these benefits if you are already a part of Mahali. If you are selling on noon and not yet part of Mahali and you can reach out to us on to check if you are qualified to Mahali program to avail the benefits.

I filled out the form. What happens next? 

Our seller support team will reach out to you asking for more information and some necessary documents such as your trade license. 

How much does it cost? 

e-Empower is a free initiative. We are glad to have you on our team. 

How do I apply? 

Click here to attend the awareness session  

Is the Daily farmers initiative available? 

The Daily farmers initiative is not currently available. This initiative will launch in the coming months. 

When does the commission-free period begin and end?

Commission-free period will begin on 1st January 2021. It will end on 30th March 2021 for Mahali sellers, and 28th February 2021 for other noon sellers.

When does the cash back period begin and end?

Cash back period will begin on 1st April 2021 for Mahali sellers and will continue for 2 years or till the firm's participation in Mahali continues, whichever is earlier. For other noon sellers, it will start on 1st March 2021 and will end on 31st May 2021.

When will I receive the cash backs?

You will receive the cash backs for the year all in one go after the end of each calendar year.

What kind of training will be provided for selling on noon? 

We’ve tailored learning programs for each phase of your selling journey at noon. All partners will be able to benefit from the following modules during the specified timeframe: 
Program NameAttendance TimeframePre-requisites

 Module 1:

 Introduction to Selling on noon

 Within 7 days from store   activation None

 Module 2:

 Selling on noon- Chapter 2

 Within 14 days from store   activation Module 1

 Module 3:

 The Intel App 

 Within 4 weeks from store   activation Modules 1 & 2

 Module 4:

 Financial & Stock Reconciliation

 Within 5 weeks from store   activation Modules 1 & 2


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