Where can I download my tax invoices?

Where can I download my tax invoices?

You can download legal tax invoices raised by noon to the customer on your behalf from the Statements page of the Seller Lab. 

Customer Invoices

Each customer invoice has a serial number, and clearly reflects the VAT collected from each customer. These invoices can be used to pay VAT to the government.
- In Core (Co), click Statements


- Click Invoices, then Customer


Under the Invoices tab, you can also download the VAT noon Fees invoices which include a clear breakdown of the fees & commissions that are deducted by noon.com from each order. These invoices are also used to pay the VAT to the UAE government on the noon fees & commissions.

Customer Invoice Sample


noon Fees Invoices

noon issues legal tax fees invoices on a weekly basis with each weekly payment statement (only if the threshold of the total sales issued on the payment statement reached the threshold of AED 1000 or more). These invoices reflect the sum of the fees and commissions charged by noon on orders delivered to customers during a specific week.
Use the noon fees invoices to claim your input VAT from the government.

On Core (Co), click Statements

Click Invoices, then noon Fees


Sample noon Fees Invoice

Use the Statement number to retrieve your payment statement that reflects the exact amounts that were charged against each order.

Credit Notes

Credit notes are raised for all returned orders in order to reverse the sale.

Sample Credit Note


Download Your Invoices in Bulk

You can also download from the Reports page the Monthly VAT Pack.

You'll find the tax customer and noon fees invoices as well as credit notes of the entire month grouped together in one Zip file.



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