Content Guidelines for Product Listing for Home Category

Content Guidelines for Product Listing for Home Category

The following are the basic guidelines that need to be followed to complete your products' listing through a smooth process. The below guidelines are divided as per different product types under the Home Products category, this to ensure that your listing will pass our content QC.

1- Images background:

Image background should be white for product image, Lifestyle images can go as good with existing background and image must show all the product and number of pieces.

2- Number of images:

Must have at least 2 images and more from different angles of the product, images should be in JPG format and size 660x9.
For more information about picture requirements click here

3- Titles:

Title should have description, size and color like the below example:

  e.g. Ceiling Lamp 4 Bulbs Gold 70*40 centimeters.

  e.g. granite cookware set, pink, stainless-hand, stainless cover, 9 layers, 6 pec size -16-20.

4- Attributes (Size, Color, Capacity … etc.):

Attributes must be specific and particular for the section and should be describing the product perfectly like as the below example:


  • Marble offers a high-quality non-stick coating that ensures the best cooking experience every time: perfect dishes and easy clean.
  • The polished bottom is ideal for every kind of cooking hob (induction excluded) and makes the product non-slip and extremely reliable.
  • The ergonomic handles guarantee a safe comfortable grip.
  • Italian 5 layers coating- Non-sticking surface, don't use metal utensils-Dishwasher safe- Cooking surface easy to clean-PFOA Free.

5- Product Description/Features/Highlights:

Must be describing exactly the product and Must have at least 3-4 features to focus on product highlights and catchy points like as the example below:


  • Drill bit set has everything you need for all drill and screw tasks.
  • Contains drill bits for drilling in various materials such as wood, metals, and plastics.
  • Also includes an extensive selection of screwdriver bits for all types of screw heads.
  • Also a countersink and trio of sockets for hex headed screws.
  • X-line case has a clean layout for easy, safe removal of the drill and screwdriver bits.

6- Partner SKU and model number / name:

Must be unique for each and every SKU.

7-Family,Types and Subtype or Full Type:

Must be chosen from the dropdown only.

8- Brand Name:

Must be chosen from the dropdown only, If not Available in dropdown then needs to get the brand name created, and brand must be matching the product and printed on the packing.
   Brand: Rootsmceclip5.png
Note : Please be careful when you are choosing the brand, and kindly make sure
that the brand name is matching physical product to avoid any QC rejection in
noon Express 'FBN' or Fulfilled by Partners FBP.

In addition to the above points, below are a few points which can be taken care of while uploading the SKUs category wise:

Kitchen _ dining

  • Title should be detailed and descriptive for the sets and combos.
  • Should have at least 3 images (Product view + Other view + Packaging image).

Bath & Bedding

  • Titles should be detailed and descriptive for the sets.
  • Set Includes must be there.

Home Improvement

  • Add volt or watt for electric power hand tools.

Home Décor

  • Candles should have the weight and what is the smell.

Table for the attributes

  • Mandatory fields are the green field sections which definitely should have a valid value in it without that the file can not be processed.
  • Optional Field can be left blank even if these are green once, but having something instead of leaving it blank is always a better option.
  • Dropdown fields are the fields where the values should be chosen only from the dropdown and should not be copy-pasted.
TemplateMandatory fieldsOptionalDropdown
kitchen _diningFamilyCapacityFamily
Product TypeCapacity UnitProduct Type
Product SubtypeMaterialProduct Subtype
Partner SKU UniqueFeature 1Material
BrandServe CountFeature 1
Product TitleFeature Bullet 2Serve Count
Model NumberFeature Bullet 3Item Condition
Colour NameProduct LengthGrade
Colour FamilyProduct Length UnitProduct Length Unit
SizeProduct HeightProduct Height Unit
Size UnitProduct Height UnitProduct Width/Depth Unit
Item ConditionProduct Width/DepthColour Family
GradeProduct Width/Depth UnitCountry of Origin
Image URL 1What's In The BoxCapacity Unit
Feature Bullet 1GTINSize Unit
 Country of Origin 
 Model Name 
TemplateMandatory fieldsOptionalDropdown
Product TypeWattage UnitProduct Type
Product SubtypeFeature Bullet 2Product Subtype
Partner SKU UniqueFeature Bullet 3Item Condition
BrandProduct LengthGrade
Product TitleProduct Length UnitProduct Length Unit
Model NumberProduct HeightProduct Height Unit
Colour NameProduct Height UnitProduct Width/Depth Unit
Colour FamilyProduct Width/DepthColour Family
SizeProduct Width/Depth UnitCountry of Origin
Size UnitWhat's In The BoxSize Unit
Item ConditionGTINWattage Unit
GradeCountry of Origin 
Feature Bullet 1Model Name 
Image URL 1  
Image URL 2  
TemplateMandatory fieldsOptionalDropdown
Home FragranceFamilyGTINFamily
Product TypePartner SKU UniqueProduct Type
Product SubtypeCountry of OriginProduct Subtype
Product TitleScents/NotesSize Unit
SizeWhat's In The BoxItem Condition
Size Unittarget_use_applicationGrade
Colour Namefeature_bullet_2 
Colour Familyfeature_bullet_3 
Model NumberModel Name 
Item Condition  
Image URL 1  
TemplateMandatory fieldsOptionalDropdown
Product TypeCountry of OriginProduct Type
Product SubtypeFeature Bullet 1Product Subtype
Partner SKU UniqueFeature Bullet 2Colour Family
BrandFeature Bullet 3Size Unit
Product TitleWhat's In The BoxItem Condition
Model Numbertype_of_bed_bed_framesGrade
Colour NameMattress SizeBase Material
Colour FamilyPackaging sizeProduct Length Unit
SizeModel NameProduct Height Unit
Size Unit Product Width/Depth Unit
Item Condition Product Weight Unit
Base Material  
Product Length  
Product Length Unit  
Product Height  
Product Height Unit  
Product Width/Depth  
Product Width/Depth Unit  
Product Weight  
Product Weight Unit  
Image URL 1  
TemplateMandatory fieldsOptionalDropdown
Product TypeCountry of OriginProduct Type
Product SubtypeNumber of PiecesProduct Subtype
Product TitleMats, Rugs & Carpet DesignColour Family
BrandDial ColourGrade
Partner SKU Unique
Model Number
Dial Colour FamilySize Unit
Colour NameFeature Bullet 2Size
Colour FamilyFeature Bullet 3Item Condition
GradeWhat's In The BoxBase Material
Base MaterialDisplay Type 
Size UnitType of Curtain Lining 
SizeCurtain Heading Types 
Item ConditionModel Name 
Image URL 1  
Feature Bullet 1  
TemplateMandatory fieldsOptionalDropdown
Product TypeWhat's In The BoxProduct Type
Product SubtypeCountry of OriginProduct Subtype
Partner SKU UniqueModel NumberColour Family
BrandModel NameSize Unit
Product TitlePatternItem Condition
Colour NameFeature BulletsGrade
Colour Family Pattern
Size Unit  
Base Material  
Image URLs 1  
Image URLs 2  
Image URLs 3  
Item Condition  
TemplateMandatory fieldsOptionalDropdown
BathFamilyFeature BulletsFamily
Product TypeGTINProduct Type
Product SubtypeWhat's In The BoxProduct Subtype
Partner SKU UniqueCountry of OriginColour Family
BrandModel NumberSize Unit
Product TitleModel NameItem Condition
Item Condition Grade
Colour Name  
Colour Family  
Size Unit  
Image URL 1  
Image URL 2  
Image URL 3  
TemplateMandatory fieldsOptionalDropdown
Home ImprovementFamilyFeature BulletsFamily
Product TypeGTINProduct Type
Product SubtypeWhat's In The BoxProduct Subtype
Partner SKU UniqueBattery TypeColour Family
BrandPatternSize Unit
Product TitleBase MaterialItem Condition
Country of OriginModel NameGrade
Model NumberCapacityPattern
Colour NameCapacity UnitWattage Unit
Colour FamilyWattageCapacity Unit
SizeWattage UnitWattage Unit
Size UnitNumber of Pieces 
Image URL 1  
Item Condition  



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