Disputes & Claims Resolution Policy

Disputes & Claims Resolution Policy

Partner Disputes

noon Sellers may sometimes find issues or discrepancies on their forward or reverse stock transfers despite noon’s rigorous efforts, thus, noon has designed a mechanism that will allow such issues or discrepancies to be reported. This mechanism is called Partner Disputes.

Dispute Types, Requirements and Creation Procedures 

Creating a Partner Dispute is a simple process. A noon seller has only to log in to their Seller Lab, search and view the shipment AWB, and then click on it on the ‘Create Dispute’ button. 

Tabulated below are the different dispute types along with their respective dispute description, statement types, and additional links:

Dispute Type



Dispute Creation Window

Fee Adjustment

Statement Type

FBP ShipmentThis dispute is created against the Fulfilled by Partner shipments that end up as NDRs / Non-deliverable returns.14 calendar days from the date that the shipment has been marked with a delivered / collected status.Disputes
RTVThis dispute is created against non-graded RTVs that are delivered by noon logistics or collected by the Sellers from the designated noon service points/warehouses.Disputes
Stock RTV deliveryThis dispute is created against FBN RTVs and delivered by 3rd party logistics.Disputes
Stock RTV pickupThis dispute is created against FBN RTVs that are handed over by 3rd party logistics to the sellers and the handover happens at the 3rd party logistics’ designated service points.Disputes

This dispute is created against graded RTVs, these graded items are either CIRs / Customer-initiated returns or non-directship NDRs / Non-deliverable returns. Grading happens if a CIR / NDR (non-directship NDR) item fails the initial QC that are being done by the After sales team. A detailed QC will then automatically determine the grade that will be assigned to the item.

For more information on Grading, please click here.

Damaged returns fee

Please note that the above-mentioned pre-requisites in the table are not applicable to shipments that have been declared or marked lost in the system. 

Tracking your Partner Disputes

noon Sellers can easily view and track the details and the progress of their Partner Disputes from their Seller Lab portal by going to the ‘Support & Disputes’ section.

Dispute resolution

noon will review and validate the created Partner Disputes and may request additional supporting documents and images from the sellers in order to impartially solve the disputes. Generally, dispute resolution takes at least 14 business days and the timeframe may vary depending upon the nature of the dispute and the investigation process.

Important notes:

  • noon reserves the right to reject Partner Disputes in the event that the seller is non-responsive or not being able to provide the requested supporting documents or images
  • noon reserves the right to penalize the seller (monetary or non-monetary) if found to be fraudulent or proven that the Partner Disputes mechanism is being used inappropriately or in an abusive manner
  • Approved dispute payouts are net of commissions and any relevant noon fees
  • For any item which is ‘Beyond Economic Repair’, noon will pay a maximum of ‘Grade N’ (for item grading disputes) and 80% (for the remaining categories of disputes). 
  • noon’s decision on the disputes will be considered final and binding

noon reserves the right to make any amendment/ changes to this policy without any prior notice. It is the Sellers’ responsibility to check this policy for any updates or changes in the policy.

Click here to access the noon Volumetric Measurement (VM) Disputes Policy.


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