Essential Guidelines For Bulky DirectShip Selling Model

Essential Guidelines For Bulky DirectShip Selling Model

The Bulky DirectShip selling model is an initiative by Noon to uphold service quality and business integrity. This model, designed for items not requiring direct installation from the seller, sellers should follow specific guidelines to ensure an excellent customer experience. Understanding and implementing these guidelines is crucial for sellers using this model.

Guidelines For Bulky DirectShip Selling Model

1. Stock Availability

  • Sellers must accurately update stock levels in the Seller Lab to fulfill orders within the promised delivery timeframe.

2. Order Rejection Protocol

  • In cases of unavailable stock, orders must be rejected promptly. Frequent rejections could lead to penalties or store suspension.

3. Shipping Fees and Pricing

  • An additional shipping fee per item will be charged at checkout. Sellers are expected to adjust item prices accordingly, as they won't incur logistics costs.

4. Serviceable Areas

  • The Bulky DirectShip model is limited to Noon’s serviceable areas. Orders from outside these areas cannot be placed.

5. Non-Eligible Items

  • Items requiring installation (e.g., home appliances, refrigerators, air conditioners) are not eligible due to logistics constraints.

6. Customer Cancellations and Returns

  • Customers may cancel orders anytime, even upon delivery. Noon will return the item to the seller if canceled before delivery. Bulky items are generally non-returnable, except for incorrect, damaged, or defective deliveries.

7. Seller Responsibility and Compensation

  • Sellers are responsible for any incorrect or damaged deliveries and must arrange returns within 3-5 working days. Compensation due to seller negligence will be charged to the seller.

8. Policy Updates

  • Noon reserves the right to modify these policy conditions periodically.




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