FBP DirectShip Picklists

FBP DirectShip Picklists

DirectShip Picklists tool is essential for sellers who receive a large number of orders, this tool will help sellers to manage and track orders effectively. In this article, we'll explore how this tool enhances order processing and provides comprehensive oversight of various order statuses. 

Benefits of DirectShip Picklists

  • Track orders from receipt to delivery.
  • Centralize picklist order information.
  • Mark orders based on status (e.g., out of stock, lost).
  • Monitor picklist closures for improved record-keeping.

Accessing DirectShip Picklists 

Accessing the DirectShip Picklists is straightforward. Users can navigate to the 'Fulfillment' tab in the Seller Lab, where they will find the option 'FBP DirectShip from Picklist.' This area provides access to the full range of DirectShip Picklist functionalities.

Options Available Under FBP DirectShip Picklists

  • Search: Locate orders using various identifiers like order number or picklist number.
  • Open Picklist Tab: View and manage pending and completed orders.
  • Export Report: Export data in various formats, including Excel, for further analysis.
  • Close Picklist: Close current picklists, moving remaining items to the next one.
  • View Open Picklist: Examine the details of open picklists, including item quantities and statuses.

Understanding the DirectShip Dashboard

The DirectShip Dashboard is the central location where sellers can view and manage their picklists. 

All picklists will be categorized under these 3 main tabs:

1- Open Picklists

2- Closed Picklists

3- Lost shipments

 Detailed Examination of Each Tab within the Dashboard

1- Open Picklists.

Open Picklists contain orders that are either pending or in the process of completion.

  • Pending Tab: View orders that are yet to be processed,

            A.   Pending: Orders received but not yet processed.

            B.   In Progress: Orders that are currently being processed.

            C.    Shipment Generated: Orders fully processed and ready for dispatch.

  1. Completed Tab: Monitor orders that have been processed including their current status (shipped, delivered, undeliverable).
            A.  Shipped: Orders that are part of a manifest and have been handed over to the delivery associate or logistics.

            B.  Delivered: Orders that have reached the customer successfully, marked as delivered after the delivery process.

            C.  Undeliverable: Orders that couldn't be delivered to the customer after multiple attempts, marked as undeliverable and returned to the logistics hub.

 2- Closed Picklists

Closed Picklists refer to those picklists that have been fully processed and completed or forced closed by the seller.

 3- Lost shipments

 Lost shipments are orders or items that have been marked as lost during the fulfillment process either by the seller or by noon. 

            A.  Shipment Lost: any item lost but not part of manifest and marked lost by the user.

            B.  Manifest Lost: any shipment lost by user or DA after the manifest is created or closed.

            C.  Logistics Lost: any shipment that has been delivered to noon Logistics and has been marked as lost by us

Picklist configuration

 How will shipment be collected?

Shipment collection is a straightforward process once your shipments have been created on Noon. If you have set your handover preference to "Pickup" in the warehouse settings, Noon will take care of assigning a delivery associate to collect your shipment. Here’s how you can monitor and manage the pickup process:

  1. Navigate to "Fulfilled by Partner" and select "Directship."
  2. Look for your shipment under the "Pending" tab. Here, the status "Pickup Requested" indicates that the collection process is initiated.
    • Note: The scheduling of the pickup depends on both the availability of the pickup agent and the processing time associated with your warehouse.
  3. When a pickup agent is assigned to your shipment, the status will update to "Pickup Assigned." At this point, the contact details of the pickup agent will become available.
  4. To find the driver’s contact information, click on "Driver Contact Details." This action provides you with the means to directly call or message the agent via WhatsApp, facilitating easy coordination for your shipment pickup.

How to fulfill a picklist order?

You can fulfill your orders only using the app. For more details attend the DirectShip training.

That’s it!


Got questions?

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