New Inventory Ledger Reports (Summary and Detailed View)

New Inventory Ledger Reports (Summary and Detailed View)

The Inventory Ledger Report is an essential tool that helps in managing your FBN inventory efficiently. It allows you to monitor all stock movements and provides a comprehensive overview of all transactions occurring in our fulfillment centers.

These reports come with two distinct views: Summary and Detailed, enabling easy access to the necessary information

-Inventory ledger reports can only be downloaded starting from July, 2022
through your specified end date.
-The Inventory Ledger Reports are only applicable to items available and sold on the noon
marketplace. It does not include inventory details for noon subsidiaries such as
Sivvi, Noon Grocery,etc.

How to download the New Inventory Ledger Reports

You can download this report in Summary or Detailed view by following these steps. 

- Click on Reports in the Navigation bar and then click on Custom Reports.

- Then click on Generate Report button. 

- In the drop-down select the report you wish to download. It can be either of the two reports:

  • FBN Inventory Ledger Report- Detailed View
  • FBN Inventory Ledger Report- Summary View

- Select the Date Range for which you wish to download the report and then click on Generate Report. 

- Click on the action button and the report will be available for you to Download or View from Seller Lab.

Tabulated explanation of the Detailed View.

The following table gives the description of each column you will find on the New Inventory Ledger Report (Detailed View)

Column Definition 
country_codeThe country code indicates the country in which the stock transactions happened.
Posted_dateThe date of the transaction. 
transaction_typeType of transaction impacting the inventory. 
warehouse_codenoon warehouse where the inventory transaction took place. 
titleTitle of the product.
skunoon system-generated SKU - Stock Keeping Unit - which is linked to each product listed by a partner.
barcodeBarcode used in noon warehouse to track the inventory.
barcode_boxThe barcode of the box where the item is placed in case of quality check failure.
PbarcodeThe barcode created by the seller for the item.
psku The SKU generated by the partner. 
document_numberThe document associated with a transaction impacting the inventory. 
reasonReason for noon’s quality check rejection of inbounded stocks through ASN.
item_nr The unique reference number for the customer ordered unit. 
awb_nrs The shipment reference number of stocks returned to the partner.
quantityNumerical value that represents the number of units impacted in the transaction

 Tabulated explanation of the Summary View

The following table give the description of each column you will notice on the New Inventory Ledger Report (Summary View)
Column Definition 
id_partnerA unique identifier (numerical value) to differentiate one partner from another. 
country_codeThe country code indicating the country in which the stock transaction happened.
warehouse_codenoon warehouse where the inventory transaction happened. 
pbarcodeThe barcode created by the seller for the item. 
opening_stockThe quantity of the stocks in a particular noon warehouse for a particular partner barcode at the start of the selected month.
in_transitStock pending update. 
inbound_receivedThe inventory received from partner in noon warehouse through an advanced shipping note (ASN).
customer_shipmentThe inventory shipped to customers.
return_reinboundThe inventory returned  from customers that passed noon’s quality check and is put back into FBN stocks.
qc_fail_returnThe inventory returned from customer/s that failed noon’s quality check.
vendor_returnThe inventory returned to partners from noon warehouses. 
liquidationThe inventory liquidated due to defects.
disposeThe inventory disposed of upon the partner’s request/Expiry.
relabelThe stock quantity undergoing/resulting from the renaming/relabelling process at noon warehouses.
warehouse_transferThe inventory transferred to or from the warehouse.
lost_and_foundInventory lost or found in noon’s warehouses.
unknown_transactionsThe inventory impacted by unknown or in searching transactions.
closing_stockThe total quantity of available stocks at noon warehouse on the report’s end date.


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