New Statement Detail Report

New Statement Detail Report

The Statement Detail Report provides a concise overview of fees and payments in a statement generated by you. It offers a detailed breakdown of fees at both the item-level and shipment/AWB level.
Note: The Statement Detailed Report is only applicable to items available and sold
on the Noon marketplace. It does not include payment details for orders from
other noon subsidiaries, such as Sivvi, Noon Grocery, etc.

How to access the Statement Detail Report?

The Statement Detail Report is available in the Seller Lab and you can download it in two ways, as shown below:

1. Payments and Fees Tab:

To download the Statement Detail Report directly from the Payments and Fees Tab  in the Seller Lab follow these simple steps: 

- Click on Payments and Fees and then select Statements and Invoices.

- On Payments tab, you will be able to view all the statements generated for different fees and transactions. Click on the Download button to download the specific Statement Detail Report.

2. Custom Reports:

The second method to download the report is using the Custom Reports option. Follow these simple steps:

- Click on Reports under the navigation toolbar and then select Custom Reports.

Click on the Generate Report button on the top-right corner of the screen.

- Select Statement Detail Report from the drop-down and choose the date range.

- Click on the green button indicating Generate Report to download the Statement Detail Report.

Understanding the Statement Detail Report

The Statement Detail Report includes various columns indicating different information about a sale. Each of these columns contributes to a better understanding of the details of fees and payments associated with a sale. Let's discuss the columns briefly.

Note: All amounts mentioned in this report for any fees are exclusive of VAT.
Column Name/ FieldDefinition
id_partnerA unique identifier (numerical number) that differentiates one seller from the other.
statement_dateThe date when the statement was generated
statement_nrA unique statement reference number that separates one statement from another
marketplaceThe business platform (noon marketplace) under which the item was sold 
order_nrThe unique identifier you can use to link a sale (common for all items involved in a single payment transaction) across reports
item_nrThe unique item level identification number you can use to link a sale for any item across reports 
awb_nrThe shipment reference number you can use to link packages that were created against any particular order fulfillment
reference_nrThe unique identifier linked to the fee mentioned in column “fee_name”.
SKUThe SKU identification number of noon you sold the item against.
partner_skuThe unique SKU identification number you have uploaded in seller lab.
fee_nameDifferent types of fees that are part of a generated statement.
item_statusThe current status of the item. 
ordered_dateThe date when the order was placed successfully.
shipped_dateThe date when a shipment was prepared and made ready for dispatch.
delivered_dateThe date when the item was delivered to the customer. 
returned_dateThe date when the item was returned to noon's warehouse
currency_codeThe sale currency. You will receive a separate statement denominated in UAE dirham, Saudi Riyal or Egyptian Pound depending on the sale country 
net_proceedsThe invoice price of all delivered items
referral_feenoon's commission on the sale.
fbn_outbound_feeFulfillment fee for items shipped from FBN.
noon_markupAny price adjustment done on the item price due to alternate fulfillment.
noon_promoReimbursement of marketing / promotional activity sponsored by noon.
shipping_feeReimbursement of shipping fee charged from a customer.
other_amountsAmount paid or deducted against any other fee type, not mentioned in this table.
total_paymentTotal eligible payout on any sale/ fee

Definition of the different fees

The table below provides an overview of all the fees that can be charged whenever a sale is made. It also explains on what level is the fee applicable for better understanding.

Fees name Applied atDefinition
Referral feeItem LevelCommission charged based on the item category, brand & business model. The referral fee will vary based on country of operation.
FBN outbound feeItem LevelOrder fulfillment fee charged for items shipped from FBN (fulfillment by Noon) warehouses
Directship outbound feePer Shipment Logistics fee charged on items shipped from FBP (Fulfilled by Partner) warehouses
Monthly storage feeSKU/ Pbarcode A monthly service fee applied to each item stored in noon warehouses. The fee calculation is based on product dimensions and the number of storage days.
Long-term storage feeSKU/ PbarcodeA service fee applied to each item stored for more than 365 days in noon warehouses. The aging is counted from the date when SKUs were inbounded in noon warehouse.
Weight Handling feeItem LevelAdditional fulfillment fee charged on an oversize (non-sort and non-bulky) item over and above FBN outbound fee. This fee is no longer charged post 1st Jul’22.
Inventory removal feeItem levelFee applied to each item removed from inventory stored in noon warehouses. Fees are charged based on volumetric/actual weight (whichever is higher). For more detail on how to calculate Inventory Removal fee please click here.
Damaged returns feeItem levelCompensation paid against any damages on a returned item.
Shipping feeOrder levelReimbursement of shipping fees collected from the customers on FBP delivered items
Noon PromoItem LevelFee adjustment against any promotional activity that was run by noon
VAT PayableFee levelTax payable on each service fee charged by noon
Noon MarkupItem levelAny price difference applied on an item fulfilled by an alternate partner other than the original seller on whom the order was placed
Noon PenaltyItem LevelCompensation paid to the sellers on breach of sales promise
Cancellation fees (CNCL)Item levelAn item level penalty charged on the seller initiated order cancellation such as out-of-stock.
Warranty (WNTY)Item levelAn item level penalty charged against unfulfilled warranty claim of a customer
Alternate Seller Fulfillment Fee (ALTF)Item levelAn item level penalty applied on the original seller who missed to fulfill an order and the order was fulfilled by another seller. 
Retention Penalty Fee (RETP)Item levelAn item level penalty charged to recover any compensation we had paid to the customer against their grievances where the seller is at fault
Miscellaneous fees (MISC)PID LevelAny other kind of penalty levied on a seller

Non-Saleable Item Storage Fee

SKUStorage fee charged on non-saleable inventory kept at noon premises for more than 30 days. The fee is calculated based on product dimensions and the number of storage days beyond initial 30 days. (Effective from 1st August 2023)

VAT payable

Fee levelAmount of VAT to be paid against different fees changed in the statement

Advertising Fee

Seller LevelAdvertisement exprense agreed to be spent on the advertisement of products of the seller on our platform as per terms and conditions of the agreement


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