Price & Inventory Management Comprehensive Overview

Price & Inventory Management Comprehensive Overview

Optimizing Your Noon Store: A Structured Journey to Pricing and Inventory Mastery

This guide is created to take you through a structured journey, focusing on two of the most critical aspects of online retailing: pricing and inventory management. From establishing a robust pricing strategy to optimizing your inventory for peak efficiency. Let's navigate the path to enhanced visibility, increased sales, and improved customer satisfaction together. 

1. Establishing Your Pricing Strategy

Setting Your Store's Foundation:
  • Begin with understanding how to strategically set your prices with "Determining Your Prices - Global Min & Max". The article explains how noon uses a system with minimum and maximum price thresholds to help sellers set competitive yet profitable prices, using historical data to avoid pricing errors.

2. Dynamic Pricing for Increased Sales

Adapting to Market Demands:
  • Dive into "Increase Your Sales with the Price Engine" article to learn how noon's Price Engine, a price optimization software, assists sellers in staying competitive by automatically adjusting prices within a specified range. It explains the setup process, including terms acceptance, defining minimum and maximum price ranges, and activating the Price Engine for single or bulk product uploads.

3. Inventory Management and Optimization

Keeping Your Stock in Check:
  • The "How do I manage my stock and prices?", article guides sellers on using Seller Lab to adjust prices, set up promotions, and manage stock levels for their products listed on noon, either individually or in bulk.
  • The "Inventory Health Dashboard." article discusses a tool designed to help sellers address inventory-related issues by offering daily updated pricing and stock recommendations for SKUs on noon, whether Fulfilled by Noon (FBN) or Fulfilled by Partner (FBP). It covers three main areas: Pricing Improvement, FBP Replenishment, and FBN Replenishment, each with specific advice on optimizing stock levels and pricing strategies to improve sales and inventory health.

4. Efficient Bulk Updates

Streamlining Your Operations:
  • The "Partner SKU price range import" article provides a step-by-step guide for sellers to submit or update their price range, including minimum and maximum prices for items on It outlines the necessary fields for the import file, best practices, common errors, and how to successfully import the price range. 
  • The "Partner SKU price update import" article details the process for mass updating prices, sale prices, and sale dates for items on It guides sellers through the update process, emphasizing the importance of ensuring new prices are within specified ranges to avoid deactivation and providing tips for successful updates.

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