Volumetric Measurement (VM) Disputes Policy

Volumetric Measurement (VM) Disputes Policy

VM Disputes

noon Sellers are charged for their outbound shipments and noon warehouse storage fees (monthly storage fee and long-term storage fee) based on the volumetric dimensions of their items / shipments. These volumetric measurements are captured by very reliable VMS machines, however, there might be instances wherein the captured dimensions have discrepancies, thus, noon allows the Sellers to report such discrepancies. 

Dispute Types, Requirements and Creation Procedures

noon Sellers can report VMS discrepancies in the following manner:

1. FBN Stock: via noon Partners > FBN Fees > View Product Dimension dashboard

2. Direct Ship / Seller Flex: by sending an email to seller@noon.com.

Tabulated below are the different dispute types along with the respective dispute creation requirements:

VM Dispute TypeDispute ApplicabilityDispute DescriptionDispute Creation WindowDispute Creation ChannelFee Adjustment Statement TypeImportant Links
FBN VMSFBN Monthly Storage FeeThis dispute is created against items that are stored at noon’s FBN warehouses that have volumetric measurements discrepanciesNo window for dispute creation, however, fee revision (wherever applicable) will only apply to the fees in statement generated in the last 30 daysSeller LabMonthly storage fees

Track your FBN stock measurement

FBN VM dispute Creation

FBN Long-term Storage FeeLong term storage fees
FBN Outbound FeeFBN Outbound Fee
Direct Ship Outbound FeeDirect Ship Outbound FeeThis dispute is created against Direct Ship customer shipments that have discrepancies in terms of the captured VMS14 days from the statement generation dateseller@noon.comDirect Ship Outbound FeeFBP VM Dispute Creation Process & Policy

Tracking your VM Disputes

1. FBN VM Disputes can be easily tracked on Seller Lab > FBN Fees > Fees Disputes dashboard
2. Sellers can send an email to seller@noon.com to track status of their Direct Ship VM disputes.

Dispute resolution

Tabulated below are the possible dispute scenarios along with their respective resolution:

Dispute ScenarioDispute Scenario DescriptionApplicabilityFee Revision
Invalid inputThe dimensions submitted look improbable for the product type.
  • FBN VM dispute
  • Direct Ship VM dispute
Measurement within tolerance rangeThe measurement are within the tolerance range.
  • FBN VM dispute
  • Direct Ship VM dispute
Recently reevaluatedThe measurement are accurate. A recent reevaluation of the SKU has been conducted.
  • FBN VM dispute
Fees within tolerance rangeThe change in the fees is as per stated policy and within the tolerance range.
  • FBN VM dispute
Acceptednoon has accepted the Seller’s expected dimensions and there is a change in the fee
  • Direct Ship VM dispute
The resolved measurements lead to a new fee and it is greater than the fee tolerance range
  • FBN VM dispute
Yes - applicable to the past 30-day related charges from the dispute creation date and a new fee will apply to future charges
The resolved measurements lead to a new fee and it is within than the fee tolerance range
  • FBN VM dispute
Yes - applicable to future charges but does not apply to the previous related charges

Important notes:

  • The measurement captured via the volumetric weighing machine may have a 5% variance from the actual values, thus, the dispute may or may not be accepted within the tolerance range.
  • noon’s decision on the disputes will be considered final and binding

noon reserves the right to make any amendment/ changes to this policy without any prior notice. It is the Seller’s responsibility to check this policy for any updates or changes in the policy.

Click here to access the noon Partner Disputes Guidelines & Policy

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