ZATCA Integration for KSA E-Invoicing

ZATCA Integration for KSA E-Invoicing

Noon now allows KSA sellers to opt into Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) E-invoicing. This means that noon will submit invoices to ZATCA on behalf of sellers starting 27th December 2023. If sellers do not opt-in they will be liable to submit their invoices to ZATCA on their own. This document includes a step by step guide to opt into ZATCA E-invoicing. This also means that the sellers should define the VAT rate charged for the products they list in case it is VAT exempt. By default, all products will be listed with standard VAT rate. In order to change the VAT rate of your product, please navigate to Seller Lab Catalog section under Offer & Content tab.
Note: Signing the Terms and Conditions (T&C) is a mandatory step for noon to submit invoices to ZATCA, even if you opt-in. Ensure this step is completed to avoid any disruptions. Please check this article to learn how to accept the T&C.

How to Opt in?

In order to Opt in for ZATCA E-invoicing, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1

Go to and login on the top right of the screen.

Step 2

Add your login details and log into the portal.


Step 3

Click on ‘Onboard New Solution Unit/Device’.

Step 4

Click on ‘I’m not a robot’ checkbox and generate 1 OTP

Step 5

You will receive an OTP.

Step 6

Creating a Legal Entity is essential for this step. If you still have not created a Legal Entity, please follow this guide.

Once your Legal Entity is approved, log into and click on ‘Opt into E-invoicing’.

Step 7

Add the OTP from the ZATCA portal and click on ‘Submit’.

Once the OTP is accepted, you will see the ‘You’re Onboarded’ message next to your Tax details.

How to Update VAT Rates?

Individual Products

In order to update the VAT rates of individual products, log in to Seller Lab and navigate to Partner Catalog. Click on the PSKU of the product you would like to update the VAT rate for.

Scroll down to the ‘Finance Related Attributes’ section. Click on the VAT Rate SA dropdown.

If the product is VAT exempt, select the option that best suits your product:

  • Qualifying Medical
  • Qualifying Metal

Click on Save Changes


In order to update the VAT rates of products in bulk, log in to Seller Lab and navigate to Imports. Click on New Imports.

Select NIS as Import type and NIS Create/Update as the Import sub-type to download the relevant template.


Modify the VAT rate in the NIS sheet and then proceed to upload it again.

Note: Sellers are accountable for providing the correct VAT rate and bear all liabilities
arising from non-compliance with tax requirements. click here to read the policy.

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