Create and Manage Your Seller Profile

Create and Manage Your Seller Profile

noon is dedicated to offering a world-class, innovative and reliable customer experience. Our customers are always interested in finding out more about noon's trusted third party sellers in order to get clarity about the origin of the products they purchase from them. As a seller, you can choose to display your information on the noon platform to help our millions of customers know you better and to increase their trust in your products.

Which information will be displayed on the noon platform?

Once you opt-in to display your store information on the noon website, you can choose to show our customers on your products' display pages one or more pieces of information from the following list:

  • Seller logo
  • Seller banner
  • Store Location 
  • Customer service phone number 
  • Customer service e-mail 
  • Registered trading license

How can customers access my store information?

While browsing your products, our customers can easily access your store information from your product display page by simply clicking your store name. Then they will see your information as displayed below:


How can I activate this feature?

Easy! Follow the steps listed below to immediately help our customers know you better.

- In Seller Lab click on the three lines on the top left hand corner of the screen, then click Account Health and Performance and click Reputation Management

- Click Seller Info, and add your information


- Click the check-box of each piece of information that you add in order to confirm


How can I upload my Logo and Banner?

You can upload your logo and banner using these simple steps.


Where can I access information related to my reputation management?

The Reputation Management page on Seller Lab offers a wealth of information related to your performance, and how customers rate your products and your service. We strongly recommend that you check it often to assess your strengths and reinforce them, as well as to identify problem areas in order to improve them. Follow the steps listed below to access your Reputation Management page:

- In Account health and performance, click Reputation management



That's it!


Got more questions? 

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